Furious Conservative MPs demand Theresa May give Chancellor Philip Hammond ‘final warning’ in Brexit row

FURIOUS Tories demand Theresa May give Philip Hammond a “final warning” as civil war over Brexit threatened to bring down the Government.

Former Minister Andrew Percy led a backlash as Philip Hammond infuriated his own MPs for a second day in a row over the EU.

On Thursday he sparked uproar among Eurosceptics by saying he only wanted “very modest” divergence from Brussels after we leave.

He mocked Brexiteers wanting to cut off relations with the EU altogether and called for a “middle way” on our future relationship.

Mr Percy told the Sun it was time for the Chancellor to “get in line or get out”.

He said: “If he wants to continue having his own Brexit policy he has to leave Government and speak from the backbenches. He should be given a final warning.”

And in a tweet directed at the Chancellor, former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson stormed: “Not arguing we should sever trade with Europe.

“Cabinet Ministers who do not support Government policy and manifesto commitments can always resign @philiphammond.”

Arch Eurosceptics insisted Tories who had backed Remain were also as livid with the Chancellor for causing another storm.

Mr Hammond was forced by No.10 to clarify his comments about only wanting “modest” divergence from the EU on Thursday night.

He insisted he was only speaking in terms of trade – given how critical the EU is to British business.

And he reiterated that Britain would be leaving the single market and customs union.

Europhile Tory Ed Vaizey leapt to the Chancellor’s defence, insisting his comments were “word for word” Government policy.

But former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said: “This is getting intolerable.

“If the Chancellor or any other Cabinet Minister for that matter is not prepared to follow the Government line they should go.”

He added: “The Government line is we are leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union – there is no middle way.”

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