Fury as Russian killer ‘The Black Realtor’ who urinated on slaughtered family's graves is freed after fighting for Putin | The Sun

AN evil Russian killer dubbed "The Black Realtor" has been freed from prison after fighting for six months in Ukraine.

Alexander Tyutin, 66, was jailed for 23 years after he hired a contract killer to execute a family of four, including two children.

The sick St Petersburg estate agent reportedly signed up to join Putin's Wagner group of mercenaries in Ukraine in June last year.

He joined a desperate scheme which allows murderers and rapists to fight in Ukraine for 180 days, and then – if still alive – to be pardoned and freed. 

After finishing a six-month stint in Mad Vlad's shambolic war, Tyutin was allowed to walk free and jetted to Turkey to be reunited with his wife.

It's understood the monster was even recommended for a medal for "courage" for his time with the brutal private army on the frontline.

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Tyutin is among hundreds of murderers and sex offenders from some of Russia's most notorious prison camps signing up for Putin's doomed war in return for freedom.

He was jailed in 2021 for organising the 2005 contract killing in Leningrad region of his business partner Dmitry Zeinalov, his wife and their 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

The Russian paid $10,000 to hire an assassin to carry out the barbaric attack.

The killer bludgeoned Zeinalov's daughter with an axe at the family’s country house, and used a machine gun to murder the man’s pregnant wife.

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He used the axe and gun on her son, 11, before killing Tyutin’s business partner.

Evil Tyutin then reportedly urinated on their graves after the funeral.

He was only caught years later after he was found organising the contract killing of his late wife’s niece in a dispute over his dead spouse’s £93,500 inheritance.

The "killer" he hired for just under $9,000 turned out to be an undercover cop and he was detained in 2018.

Last year, Tyutin was freed from jail in Karelia and trained by Wagner private army, which is headed by Putin crony Yevgeny Prigozhin.

He was accepted for the war despite being of pension age. 

The head of the Wagner Group, billionaire Prigozhin, dubbed "Putin's chef", hit back at furious criticism over Tyutin's release.

And he appeared to call soldiers in the regular Russian army wimps in a bizarre rant.

He was asked by a journalist if he felt it was "just" that Tyutin was now a free man "given the gravity of his crimes".

“Let me explain to you the philosophy of jail inmates taking part in the war," he said.

“An inmate killed a family of four. You don't know and haven’t seen that family, but you feel angry about it. 

"That inmate went to the war, and was killed. Or [as in this case], he survived by a miracle. 

"He is a murderer, and in the war he is worth three or four or even more dandelion boys, whose milk on their lips is still wet.

"Among those dandelion boys is your son, your father and your husband.

"So weigh it up. Would you rather have the murderer going to war, or your family members?"

According to Prigozhin, sick Tyutin "carried out the task of storming a fortified settlement of the Ukrainian armed forces".

"Thanks to his decisive and skilful actions, the assault team was able to occupy the enemy stronghold with minimal losses and fulfil the task," he said.

It comes amid reports residents in Moscow are receiving calls from supposed cops telling them to keep children inside to protect them from the criminals the Wagner Group has set free.

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According to Baza, the callers have warned that the convicts returning from war could return to their old, violent ways.

Parents have reportedly been asked to spread the “dangers” of Wagner’s liberated prisoners.

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