Heartbreaking image of another young casualty of devastating Syrian airstrikes

Injured and bloodied, a terrified young girl is rescued from the wreckage as air strikes batter the besieged Syrian enclave of eastern Ghouta.

Fresh airstrikes battered the besieged Syrian enclave of eastern Ghouta just hours after the United Nations delayed a vote on a ceasefire.

Nearly 500 people have been killed in seven straight days of relentless bombing over the rebel-held district just outside Damascus.

The Syrian Government launched the devastating bombardment last week but the UN postponed a vote on a 30-day ceasefire on Friday.

A 30-day truce to allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of the critically ill was delayed due to last-minute demands by Syria allies Russia.

And over the past 24 hours dozens of rockets – as many as 140 incendiary bombs – have pounded the district as Syrian President Bashar Al Assad continues his aerial bombardment.

British-based monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed more than 100 children have been killed in the deadly airstrikes.

At least 12 children have also been killed in the main town of Douma where strikes – believed to have been carried out alongside Russian forces – have also taken place.

It’s claimed as many as 21 health facilities have been hit.

A Syrian doctor issued a desperate plea to the international community for help before the fresh wave of attacks destroys Syria.

Dr Hamza Alkateab, who was on the frontline as President Al Asad’s bombs battered Aleppo, said: “I was one of the few doctors in besieged Eastern Aleppo.

“Now it is all happening again in Eastern Ghouta. Seeing all those pictures from there, reading what people living there are writing, I know exactly what is like.

“I know what my colleagues are experiencing in such circumstances

“I know how to be responsible for someone else’s life without any resources as the hospital you work in is the target of air raids.”

Moscow, which intervened militarily in support of its Damascus ally in 2015, has denied any direct involvement in the eastern Ghouta bombardment.

But aid agencies fear as many as 400,000 people are trapped in the district.

Alan Thomlinson, CAFOD’s Syria crisis programme manager, said: “The devastating bombardment in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus is a stark reminder to us all that the conflict is not over in Syria.

“As it approaches its eighth year, the humanitarian needs of millions of Syrians are greater now than at any time during this terrible conflict.”

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/bloodied-hurt-heartbreaking-image-another-12082822

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