Horrific moment ‘elephant whisperer’ is trampled and killed by raging wild bull while trying to 'hypnotise it'

THIS is the horrific moment a would-be "elephant whisperer" is trampled and killed by a raging wild bull while appearing to try and hypnotise it.

The shocking footage shows the reportedly drunk 41-year-old approach with his hand raised, disturbing the large male elephant, which had been grazing.

When the elephant notices the man it begins to move towards him across the forest clearing.

Within moments it has begun to clearing, but the man still seems determined to hold steady.

The beast is within a few strides when the man finally moves, but it’s already too late.

He is knocked to the ground by the huge trunk and tusks, and immediately trampled.

A male elephant can weigh up to five tonnes, and the man – who has not been named – is instantly crushed.

In the full video a man wearing a blue tee shirt charges into the shot in an attempt to scare the animal off.

The elephant makes an obvious attempt to kick the first man even as it retreats.

The incident took place in Kataragama near Yala National Park in southern Sri Lanka.

Human interaction with wild elephants is not uncommon as urban sprawl destroys the animals’ natural habitat.

The victim was leading a group of tourists to see the elephants on the Weheragala border, according to News 1st.

Yala National Park staff told the news outlet the man was drunk.



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Chandana Sooriyabandara, the Director General of the Department of Wildlife in Sri Lanka, said it was against the law to get down from a vehicle or idling in a national park.

He added anyone attempting anything similar would be charged.

The local forestry department have reportedly been made aware of the incident and said they are supporting the family.

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