Horror moment fire erupts on packed plane as passengers scream in panic after power bank bursts into flames injuring two | The Sun

A FIRE broke out on a plane as hundreds of passengers were crammed in their seats waiting for take-off.

The video shows terrified travellers moving away from the blaze as smoke fills the cabin and flight attendants rush to put out the fire that injured two.

The footage, shared on Twitter, reportedly took place on Tuesday night at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The plane, bound for Singapore, was getting ready for take-off when a portable mobile phone charger apparently caught fire.

Passengers can be seen scrambling away from the flames as crew members come to the rescue.

The flight attendants then manage to successfully extinguish the fire, whilst trying to calm down the distressed passengers.

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Taoyuan airport said that the two passengers were injured, but they only suffered minor injuries, including slight burns to the hands and a small facial bruise.

One of the injured was reported to be the owner of the portable charger which exploded after it overheated. The other was his travelling partner.

Fortunately all 189 passengers exited the plane safely. The flight was cancelled afterwards.

One passenger told local news: "Suddenly there was smoke, and then he threw it on the ground, and then it caught fire, so the smoke came over."

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Another witness explained that the crew members "immediately grabbed fire extinguishers and sprayed them to put out the fire… there was a lot of smoke."

The airport claims to have rescheduled the passengers flights and compensated them for travel expenses after their frightening ordeal.

Scoot airlines released a statement saying the incident was being investigated.

"Scoot sincerely apologises for the incident. The safety of our customers and crew is our top priority," they added.

Online, the video is quickly collecting views.

One user commented: "Ooh scary stuff".

Another praised the crew on their professionalism: "Look at the CONFIDENCE of the cabin crew, superb!!

"This is what they are made of….STRONG, Looking pretty is just another thing".

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