Husband carries out emergency surgery on wife with no anaesthetic

A husband performed emergency surgery on his wife’s badly broken leg without using anaesthetic.

When Ann Tyndall, 55, fell and broke her leg in three places during a hike in North Yorkshire it was a race against time, reported Teesside Live .

With the limb jutting out at a 90 degree angle, her husband Paul, a coastguard, realised if it was not straightened quickly it might have to be amputated.

But without any anaesthetic it was not only painful for Ann, but an ordeal for her husband.

Ann said the accident, which happened as the pair walked down from Captain Cook Monument near Great Ayton, was “just bad luck”.

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She said: “I had walking boots and poles but it was very steep as we were coming back down through the woods and I just slipped.

“My leg below the knee was at 90 degrees as well as my ankle and I had no feeling in my foot."

Paul, who has been part of the Filey Coastguard Team for over ten years, said the incident, during a Father’s Day walk, was “awful”.

“I’d never done anything like that before but once Ann said she had no feeling in her foot, I knew her leg needed to be straightened quickly," he added.

“I think you just find strength from somewhere but really I knew I didn’t have any choice.

“It was very much a relief when the mountain rescue and air ambulance guys turned up.”

Ann, an activities coordinator in a Scarborough retirement living centre, also dislocated her ankle in the fall but has now fully recovered and is enjoying long walks once more.

She and her family are now raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Cleveland Mountain Rescue charities.

Ann’s freak accident will also feature in Monday night’s episode of Helicopter ER, a UKTV programme which follows the work of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

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