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RAT experts have revealed how you can use a common kitchen staple to keep vermin out of your house.

The pest control experts from online garden centre Primrose said that one everyday ingredient from your kitchen is better at warding off rats than either traps or poison.

They told the Express: "If you want an effective, sustainable and natural way to deter rats, prevention is the best answer to deter rats naturally.

"Rats’ high sense of smell means they can't stand hot pepper or anything very spicy like it."

The Primrose experts recommend mixing cayenne pepper or chilli flakes with water.

You should then heat the mixture to infuse the chilli, then cool it and leave for as long as possible.

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Sieve out the chilli flakes, add biodegradable castile soap and pour the mixture into a spray bottle – then apply liberally wherever there might be rats.

Another common cupboard item can also be used to ward off the spice-averse rodents.

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The experts said: "When used in concentration, essential oils can do wonders in deterring rats from your garden due to their potency.

"Peppermint oil, citronella and eucalyptus essential oils in their pure form are all smells that rats will dislike. 

"A few drops of these oils in their pure form around the areas you know the rats have been should do the trick.

Soaking cotton wool in essential oils then leaving it in the middle of rat highways is an alternative way of trying out this hack.

The professional rat hunters also suggest moving around your furniture to bamboozle the continuity-craving rodents.

They said: "Rats are neophobic, and this disruption of their territory will confuse them and encourage them to make home elsewhere."

The experts also shared their tips for keeping the critters out of your garden.

They said: "Compost bins are a treasure trove to rats so ensure your compost bin is secure and move it away from possible routes of access, such as fences and walls."

You should also buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder and pick up fallen fruit from any trees to stop rats gorging on them.

It comes after another rat expert claimed that "no one is safe" as 150million cat-sized rats run loose across Britain.

Officials have also warned Brits about monster 2ft rats which are immune to poisons.

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