I'm the 'Living Nostradamus' who predicted Covid and World Cup final – my prophecies for 2023 are bad news for mankind | The Sun

A SELF-PROCLAIMED psychic dubbed "The Living Nostradamus" who boasted he predicted Covid and the World Cup final has cast his latest round of prophecies for 2023.

Athos Salomé, 36, from Brazil, has bragged about the accuracy of his future gazing powers – claiming to have also predicted the invasion of Ukraine and the death of The Queen.

He has been likened to Nostradamus, the famous 16th seer whose cryptic prophecies have often been credited with correctly predicting the future.

The mystic astrologer wrote 6,338 prophecies, including when, where and how our world will dramatically end.

His predictions continue to be raked over in a bid to gleam what the future holds.

But it looks like Athos is seeking to give him a run for his money in the 2020s.

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He told The Sun Online that next year there is hope, gloom and the supernatural in humankind's future.


Athos's first prediction is there is a new deadly pandemic waiting to cripple the world is lurking just below the surface of the ice in Antarctica.

Recent scientific research into lethal viruses entombed in ice has bolstered his beliefs, including the discovery of an almost 50,000 year old "Zombie virus" submerged within Siberian permafrost.

In November, French researches discovered the record-breaking ancient virus, which was still alive and able to replicate.

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And back in 2021, a team of Ohio State University researchers also made a terrifying discovery of 28 unknown viruses lying dormant within the Tibetan glaciers.

As the ice melts more of these frozen viruses will thaw and re-awaken, potentially exposing humankind to alarming new threats to public health.

However, Athos believes the newest deadly pandemic will originate from within Antarctica's ice sheets.

From the South Pole to global domination, he says that "it will sweep the world and the fight against this new virus will take longer than one can imagine."

He warned: "If this new virus goes unchecked, suffering, mental and material damage will proliferate death and this virus will be known as the greatest grim reaper in history."


And for his second prophecy, he self-described psychic also predicted a looming clear for Covid-19.

Athos claimed that the foundations of this new medicine will actually be taking from a form on algae.

The psychic backed up his claims by saying many nutrients can be found in the slimy green plant, citing "experts".

Athos told The Sun Online: "We can find, in algae, various types of nutrients produced from the presence of nitrogen and potassium.

"They have minerals, vitamins, including C, which has already been associated with cardiovascular improvement."

"As we already know, SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause cardiac [consequences]," says Athos.

The medicinal uses of mineral-rich algae have widely been observed but its application to treatment for coronavirus is a far more novel idea.

And he encouraged the world's scientists to pick up his theory to help make his prophecy come true.


Away from viruses, the so-called prophet has set his sights on more otherworldly and supernatural phenomena.

He believes there are more complicated truths to be found buried deep within Nevada's Area 51 – the top secret US military base.

The remote area has been the ground zero for bizarre theories concerning UFOs and aliens since the Cold War.

Yet, Athos foresees more than just baseless theories and speculation behind the mysterious sites.

He outlandishly claimed Area 51 actually hides a deep tunnel, due to open in 2023.

This tunnel, he claims, will be the portal to another world.

This opening, he says, would allow people to travel across the dimensions of space and time.

"This access is what everyone wants to play god or gods.

"It may seem an impossible reality, but it is used and worked through the occult sciences,” Athos tells The Sun Online.

Occult sciences are beliefs and practices that sit outside of both religion and science, including the supernatural and the magic.

He claims: "The great minds on our earth are trying to contact another dimension, the wisdom of brilliant minds can attract and discover things that escape the imaginable".

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He relates this prediction to current technological explorations, including Zuckerberg's pursuit of the Metaverse and Musk's developmental technologies in his own 'Area 59'.

Whatever is hidden, Athos predicts it will be "so powerful" it may change life as we know it.

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