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REPRESENTATIVES from the UK's main seven parties are going head-to-head in a general election debate on ITV.

Nigel Farage is joined by Rishi Sunak from the Conservatives, Nicola Sturgeon from the SNP, Richard Burgon from Labour, Jo Swinson from the Lib Dems, Adam Price from Plaid, and Sian Berry from the Greens.

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    Sturgeon and Farage know how to handle these debates and are doing well.

    Adam Price from Plaid is having a good debut though.

    Swinson is getting squeezed out and looking a bit bland, along with Sian Berry.

    But Rishni Sunak and Richard Burgeon aren't coming out very well either.


    Essentially, every politician says they are open to working together – but not Labour…


    The next question is on the state of politics, and why on earth politicians can't come together to find a solution to social care and climate change.

    Adam Price says a “more collaborative system” is needed – and calls for a citizens assembly.

    Labour's Richard Burgon says he won't work with the Tories on basically anything.

    He then goes on a waffle about why.

    Doesn't mention social care…

    “Let's get the Tories out and get a Labour government in,” he says. But to do what, Richard?

    Sturgeon says her party is already taking action on social care north of the border, and says she will always try to work across the big political divide on the main issues of the day.

    But she urges people to vote against the Tories and Brexit Party on December 12.

    Sian Berry notes that young people are doing a great job at raising green issues – which was also touched on by the questioner – and wants to try and bring together politicians to stop Brexit and get the country greener.

    Rishi Sunak says the kids are setting a better example than politicians here, but the UK is leading the way in banning single use plastics.

    And Farage argues that there needs to be different choices to represent the different opinions of the British public.

    Jo Swinson says the election feels very polarised and everyone's constantly bickering.

    But all the lefties are working together to try and stop Brexits, she says.


    As expected, Farage is getting a bit of a grilling from the rest of them. Let's hope he survives the night…


    Thank goodness. Go grab a cuppa, quick.

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