Jackie O's horse haven where she learned to ride listed at $1.99m

Fit for a First Lady: Jackie O’s Hamptons horse haven where she learned to ride as a child hits the market for $1.99m

  • Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis rode horses at the Abraham Baker House as a child
  • She spent her summers riding the horses at the Riding Club of East Hampton, which utilized the property
  • The pre-Revolution house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two fireplaces, and room for more homes
  • In 2020, the summer home Jackie O spent a majority of her time at was put on the market for $7.5 million 

The Abraham Baker House, where a young Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis learned to ride horses, is on the market in the Hamptons for just shy of $2 million.

Located in East Hampton, the new listing was recently shared on the Douglas Elliman website for $1.995 million.

The home was built around 1745 and the lot, which is 0.9 acres large, has enough room for two additional homes to be built on the property if the buyer wishes.

The house where Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis learned to ride horses has been listed for just shy of $2 million

The house, sometimes referred to as the Abraham Baker House, is located in East Hampton near one of the town’s beaches

There is a wooden outdoor patio to enjoy meals and lemonade when the summer weather allows

The home is two stories tall and built in a shingle-style. It consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two fireplaces. There is also a wooden outdoor patio.

There is also room for a pool on the property.

The home is located just across the way from the Two Mile Hollow Beach. 

The Riding Club of East Hampton used to make hay at the Abraham Baker House, which is where Jackie learned to ride, as well as where she competed with Janet, her mother.

East Hampton has declared the property a Special Historic Landmark, one of just 15 in the town, according to 6sqft.

As a child, Jackie lived on Park Avenue throughout the year, but would go to the Hamptons, where her grandfather lived, over the summer.

The house has been listed as a Special Historic Landmark by East Hampton, one of just 15 in the community

In addition to the three bedrooms, there are also three bathrooms in the Abraham Baker House

Pictured: Another bedroom in the Abraham Baker House, which was built some time around the year 1745

She may have started riding horses on the property when she was as young as two years old.

Behind the Hedges reports that the home also includes a large dining room and original wooden floors, as well as the original riding lockers for members of the club.

The two fireplaces in the house are a nice touch, as are the wooden floors that line the bottom floor of the home

The Riding Club of East Hampton is where Jackie O learned to ride horses and competed with her mother, Janet

There is enough room on the property to build two additional houses if the buyer pleases, as well as a pool

In November 1993, Jackie was writing one of her horses in Virginia when she was thrown off.

When she was taken to a hospital, a swollen lymph node was discovered in her groin.

Pictured: First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy enjoying herself. She loved riding horses throughout her life

Further symptoms and tests revealed a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which Jackie died of in May 1994 at the age of 64. 

The Wall Street Journal reported in May that the summer house Jackie went to in the Hamptons, Wildmoor, was put up for sale for $7.5 million. 

Pictured: Jacqueline Bouvier competing at the Sixth Annual Horse Show of the Southampton Riding and Hunt Club

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