Jennifer Arcuri is seen during pair's 'four-year affair'

Jennifer Arcuri’s selfie in Boris’s kitchen: US entrepreneur is seen during pair’s ‘four-year affair’ as No10 claims PM acted with ‘honesty and integrity’ throughout and City Hall begins probe into any rule breaches

  • Jennifer Arcuri, 36, claimed she and Boris Johnson had affair from 2012 to 2016 
  • He was mayor of London at the time – and was then married to Marina Wheeler
  • She said she had sex with him after reading Shakespeare on sofa at his home  
  • She even took a selfie in the kitchen of his £3.35million Grade-II townhouse 

A selfie taken by Jennifer Arcuri in Boris Johnson’s kitchen has been uncovered – as No. 10 insists he acted with ‘honesty and integrity’ throughout his relationship with the American tech entrepreneur.

The Prime Minister is now facing a City Hall investigation into sensational new claims about their ‘four-year affair’ when he was mayor of London – and married to Marina Wheeler, mother of four of his children.

Lurid details emerged at the weekend when Miss Arcuri, 36, revealed how on one occasion in 2016 they had sex on a sofa at Mr Johnson’s marital home while his now ex-wife, a QC, was at work.

She even took a selfie in  the kitchen of his £3.35million Grade-II townhouse and told how he said a raunchy photo she sent him was ‘enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window’. 

Jennifer Arcuri’s selfie in Boris Johnson’s kitchen has been uncovered (pictured)- as No. 10 insists he acted with ‘honesty and integrity’ over his relationship with her

The Prime Minister is now facing a City Hall investigation into sensational new claims about their ‘four-year affair’ when he was mayor of London – and married to Marina Wheeler (pictured together), mother of four of his children

The PM’s press secretary Allegra Stratton said Mr Johnson would co-operate with the standards committee probe as she insisted he had not broken rules governing the conduct of elected officials. 

When Miss Stratton was asked this afternoon if Mr Johnson believed he behaved with ‘honesty and integrity’ – a requirement of the Nolan Principles of Public Life – she replied ‘yes’. 

What are the key issues officials are investigating? 

The Greater London Authority probe will examine whether Mr Johnson breached the Nolan Principles of Public Life over his affair with Miss Arcuri. These require officials to behave with ‘honesty and integrity’. 

The key lines of inquiry are:

  • If Mr Johnson breached the Nolan Principles by failing to report the relationship. 
  • If the future PM gave Miss Arcuri ‘preferential treatment’ over – 
  • £126,000 in taxpayer’ money she received in event sponsorship and grants. The majority £100,000, came in a government grant in 2019;
  • Mr Johnson’s decision to speak at her technology events; 
  • The privileged access she gained to three official overseas trade missions led by him.

This weekend Miss Arcuri admitted for the first time to having an ‘intimate relationship’ with Mr Johnson – as she claimed she slept with him on a sofa at his marital home just minutes before his wife came home.    

The 36-year-old US tech entrepreneur claims to have shared an ‘intimate relationship’ with the future PM between 2012 and 2016. 

It is the first time Miss Arcuri has directly admitted to the affair, which happened while Mr Johnson was Mayor of London. 

The London Assembly’s oversight committee had already been investigating whether the 56-year-old breached the mayoral code of conduct by failing to declare the relationship, or abused his position to benefit his mistress. 

In 2019, it emerged that she had been given £126,000 of public money and privileged access to three official overseas trade missions led by him, leading to claims he had abused his position to benefit her. 

Yesterday, a City Hall source said the committee would now investigate the new evidence presented by Miss Arcuri this weekend. 

The source told MailOnline that the new revelations in Miss Arcuri’s interview with the Mirror were significant because it suggested there had been a ‘substantial relationship’ over a long period of time. 

The source also noted that Miss Arcuri had said she believed Mr Johnson should have declared their relationship and said officials would be interested in this.  

Last year the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) decided not to open a criminal investigation into the allegations, although officials said he should have reported the relationship.  

The committee probe will take place after the May 6 elections. A spokesman for No 10 yesterday told MailOnline it had ‘nothing to add’ to the claims. MailOnline has contacted the London Assembly for comment. 

Jennifer Arcuri has claimed that she and Boris Johnson (together in 2014) had four-year affair where she sent him ‘arty’ topless pictures – but insists they had an ‘intellectual attraction’ 

In an interview, the former model revealed the couple would meet for weekly trysts and exchanged sexual messages.

In a bid to avoid getting taught, Miss Arcuri also told him to empty the bins after cutting her foot on the way to the house, and having to dispose of her tights. 

Mr Johnson told her one raunchy photograph she sent him was ‘enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window’.

Miss Arcuri claims in March 2016 she had sex with Mr Johnson on the sofa in the living room of his marital home, which he shared with his wife Marina Wheeler.

Messages between the pair reportedly show him texting her his Islington address, before telling her he wanted to ‘check the coast is gonna be clear’.

That evening he cooked her cheesy pasta and they read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which was ‘kind of foreplay routine we had’, she said.

‘After we made love… I felt conflicted being there in his family home and seeing him like this but I couldn’t help but love the feeling of being desired.’

She left just ten minutes before Miss Wheeler, a QC and the mother of four of his children, returned home from work.

Miss Arcuri, who is 20 years younger than Mr Johnson, had initially denied rumours of the affair when the scandal broke.

But in an interview with the Daily Mail in October, she admitted for the first time that they had been intimate.

The latest interview is her most explicit account yet of the lengths Mr Johnson went to pursue her and the extent of their affair.

Miss Arcuri was a business student when she met him at an event in 2011. A few months later she volunteered to help his 2012 campaign for re-election as mayor.

She said there was an ‘obvious spark’ when he recognised her on his ‘Boris Bus’ campaign vehicle and they exchanged numbers.

Ms Arcuri claims the pair first had sex in her flat on Shoreditch High Street, where she had pole dancer’s apparatus installed, just hours before he attended the opening of the 2012 London Paralympics

Weeks later he texted her asking to go for a private drink.

She told how he ‘showed up late, dishevelled and chaotic’ and walked in with his bike helmet still on. 

She said: ‘He went to the bar and came back within a minute and said, ‘Jennifer can I borrow £3.10?’ 

‘On their second date some weeks later, he was ”very forthright” and told her: ‘I can’t stop thinking about, I want to date you, I really like you.’

She said he stroked her leg under the table and ‘begged to go home’ with her but was ‘frustrated’ when she refused and ‘biked off in a huff’. 

Outside the restaurant, despite posing for selfies with members of the public ‘he screamed, ‘Kiss me!’ And I said, ‘Mr Mayor, I do not kiss politicians on the street’. 

He said, ‘This is my city, I don’t care’.’

They first had sex at her flat in Shoreditch, east London – where she had installed a dance pole – on August 29, 2012, she said, just before the Paralympics ceremony. 

Afterwards, Mr Johnson, who had turned up in his mayoral suit with Olympic badges, ‘was very clearly distraught because he wanted to stay. I think I couldn’t even find his sock – it was just the most bizarre experience’.

Despite sitting beside Miss Wheeler – the mother of four of his children – and senior royals during the televised event, which was also attended by Princess Anne, Prince William and Kate Middleton, he continued to text and call her all evening. 

She also claimed she sent an ‘arty’ picture of herself topless with the snapshots being from professional shoots

They met regularly over the next four years, she said. 

‘He’d say, ‘You are the most beautiful woman, I can’t stop thinking about you… Of course I love your body, and your face, and your breasts, but you are a very clever woman’.’

She told how she once sent Mr Johnson an ‘arty’ pin-up picture of herself topless by a fireplace. 

His enthusiastic reply was a quote from Raymond Chandler’s 1940 novel Farewell, My Lovely: ‘It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.’

Miss Arcuri ended the affair in 2016. Mr Johnson’s marriage to Miss Wheeler ended in 2018 when the then Foreign Secretary began an affair with his current fiancee Carrie Symonds, 33.

Last year the Independent Office for Police Conduct said it had found no evidence Mr Johnson had committed a criminal offence of misconduct in public office – but he may still face a GLA inquiry.

Ms Arcuri maintains that she was invited on trade trips in her own right as a member of the London tech-scene.

But she slammed Mr Johnson as a ‘cowardly, wet noodle’ for not standing by her during the fallout.

The Prime Minister has previously never confirmed or denied that the pair were involved in an affair.     

Ms Arcuri’s links with Mr Johnson (together in 2013) came under public scrutiny last year over allegations she received ‘preferential treatment’ for her business ventures during his eight-year stint as Mayor

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