Joe Biden's 'arrogance' and 'weakness' puts America at risk of a 'terrifying future', author says

JOE Biden’s “arrogance” and “weakness” is putting America at risk of a “terrifying future,” an author has claimed.

The 46th President, 78, was taken to task over a number of his domestic and foreign policies in a hard-hitting attack by Victor Davis Hanson, an author of more than two dozen books and a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness.

Hanson, in an opinion piece for Fox News, first turned his attention to the country’s growing debt problem, saying Biden was just making the situation worse.

Currently the US is more than $28trillion in debt, equating to 130 per cent of GDP, according to Hanson, a figure made worse by Biden’s plans to borrow another $2trillion for “new social programs and ‘infrastructure’.”

While prices are currently rising, fuelled by Americans “splurging” following 13 months of quarantine, demand is outstripping supply causing shortages, Hanson argues, while interest rates remain at 3 per cent or lower.

“Should we be printing money while expanding government debt? Is it wise to keep interest rates close to zero and to discourage employment, production and thrift? This dangerous behavior used to ensure inflation, followed by ruinous stagflation,” writes Hanson.

Crime comes under the spotlight next with Hanson saying that in the wake of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, crime rates have “increased by double digits” in cities like New York and Los Angeles as police spending was “slashed”.

Hanson also blasts Biden’s foreign policy saying countries like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia think their “brinkmanship” will be ignored.

“So, Russian troops predictably mass on the Ukrainian border,” Hanson says. “China steps up its harassment of Taiwan. North Korea launches more missiles, Iran hazes US ships in the Persian Gulf. And now, rockets from Gaza pour into Israel.”

According to Hanson, the Biden administration’s “virtue signalling” is seen by hostile countries “as a weakness to be exploited”.

Biden’s record on race relations also comes under fire with Hanson claiming “the Biden administration has emphasized racial differences rather than our melting-pot commonalities. It has stereotyped America’s White population – hardly uniform in terms of class and ethnicity – as somehow uniformly enjoying unearned privileged and acting systemically racist.”

He adds: “The danger is that racial tensions will increase, hate crimes will spike, racial demagogues will dominate, meritocracy will vanish and tribal solidarity will replace it. And the ancient idea of America will unwind.”

In a hard-hitting conclusion, Hanson writes: “When an arrogant present dismisses the wisdom of the past, then an all too predictable future becomes terrifying.”

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