Kadyrov dismisses Ukraine reports he was in coma and fighting for life

Bloated Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov posts videos dismissing ‘lies’ following Ukrainian reports he was in a coma and fighting for life

  • Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov was reportedly in hospital with a severe kidney issue
  • The bloodthirsty Chechen leader released footage of him walking through a park
  • But he’s speaking unintelligibly throughout the clips 

Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov has attempted to dispel rumours that he was fighting for his life in a comatose state by posting a video of himself walking through a park. 

The bloodthirsty Chechen leader, 46, was rumoured to have been in a ‘critically ill’ state after he was reportedly rushed from Moscow to his regional capital Grozny, nearly 2,000 miles away, to deal with severe kidney problems. 

Ukrainian intelligence claimed that it had information that he was in a ‘serious condition’.

‘We can confirm that he had had a severe relapse and has been in [a] critical condition for several days,’ a spokesperson for the GUR said on Saturday. 

But Kadyrov posted a video to his Telegram channel on Sunday morning seemingly confirming that he was still alive. 

Ramzan Kadyrov (pictured) released a nearly unintelligible video of himself walking through a park 

The warlord was reportedly in hospital to deal with a severe kidney issue

The warlord, who has frequently been accused of being involved in the kidnapping, assassination, and torture of human rights activists, critics, and their relatives, took two videos of himself walking down a path in an unknown park. 

While he can be heard speaking in both videos, he was not coherently speaking. 

He says ‘this is how things are…’ before trailing off and mumbling incoherently about the rain and the distance he has left to walk, before bizarrely ending the video by saying ‘so do some sport!’

He can also be heard breathing heavily while going on a gentle stroll through the park. 

Kadyrov wrote in the caption of the post: ‘I strongly advise everyone who cannot distinguish truth from lies on the Internet to take a walk in the fresh air and put their thoughts in order. The rain is wonderfully invigorating.’

The health of 46-year-old Kadyrov – who has sent tens of thousands of fighters to Putin’s war in Ukraine – is the subject of deep speculation in Russia amid claims he is terminally ill

Earlier this year there were claims of Kadyrov health problems, with observers noting a rapid weight gain and swollen face

 Kadyrov is a staunch supporter of war in Ukraine, calling on the Russian army to dish out more punishment

Rumours of his deteriorating health have been growing in number since the beginning of the year. 

Observers have noted that the brutal leader of the Chechen Republic has undergone a huge gain in weight, resulting in a swollen and bloated face. 

A representative of Ukraine’s defence ministry claimed that Kadyrov has suffered from ‘systemic health problems’ for a long time, though they did not provide any evidence for this. 

The Kremlin has refused to be drawn into the debate on Kadyrov’s health, with spokesperson Dmitry Peskov saying today:  ‘We do not have any information on this matter. The presidential administration can hardly issue health certificates.’

In July, Kadyrov said in a bizarre video that he would likely ‘live a short life’

‘We are still alive somehow,’ he said. ‘Anyway, we don’t want to live long.

Unconfirmed reports claim he is in a coma and that kidney doctors have been rushed from Moscow to his regional capital Grozny to treat him

Chechen warlord and close Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov (pictured together) is ‘critically ill’, according to Ukrainian military intelligence

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic, inherited the leadership of the region from his assassinated father.

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‘We will live a short but decent life.’

The warlord is vital to Vladimir Putin’s continued rule over Russia, analysts have said. 

Kadyrov has lent Putin many of his ‘elite’ fighters in his full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

Though Chechnya is technically a part of Russia, its forces amount to a private army, according to RUSI. 

The forces technically fall under the command of Russia’s national guard, the Rosgvardia, but are in reality under Kadyrov’s control. 

The Institute of War said destabilisation of Kadyrov’s rule in Chechnya would be a ‘major blow to Putin’s regime’.

This was ‘in part because of how central the establishment of stability in Chechnya through a brutal and bloody war was to Putin’s early popularity in Russia’.

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