Louis Vuitton model fatally knifes rival before later wiping clean blade

Chilling CCTV footage shows a jealous Louis Vuitton model chasing a rival accompanied by two friends before later wiping blood from his jeans after a brutal murder.

George Koh, 24, was today convicted of murdering Harry Uzoka .

The two had fallen out after Koh claimed to have slept with the victim’s girlfriend, and Mr Uzoka accused him of being "fake".

The rivals had arranged to settle the row ‘face to face’ in Shepherds Bush, West London, on January 11 this year.

Mr Uzoka, 25, recruited his flatmate, Adrian Harper, as back-up and the pair arrived armed with a dumbbell bar each.

But Koh was waiting with a knife in each hand accompanied by ‘big, burly, strong’ pals Merse Dikanda, wielding a ‘terrifying’ machete, and personal trainer Jonathan Okigbo, both also 24.

When the rivals confronted each other, Harry and his friend revealed the dumbbell bars before Koh – seen in the footage wearing a green parka – stated "are you mad?" and pulled out two knives.

Okigbo, wearing a blue jacket, reached over to a black bag held by Dikanda – wearing a black jacket and hood – and pulled out an object with a black handle, stating "I want to let this off at you".

Moments later Dikanda pulled out a machete.

Harry’s friend fled immediately on sight of the weapons, followed by Harry, who was pursued by Koh and Dikanda, both armed with a machete and knives, and trapped Harry against a vehicle.

Okigbo chased after Harry’s flatmate to ensure he would not return.

Harry, who was surrounded by the three men, was stabbed by Koh, three times, with one of the wounds penetrating his chest.

He was able to escape, but moments later collapsed in the street as the men walked off in the opposite direction.

Police and paramedics were called shortly before 4pm by a member of the public who found Harry collapsed and bleeding in the street.

He died shortly over an hour later.

After the brutal attack the trio had hid in a doorway, close to the crime, unaware that CCTV had recorded Koh wiping a blade on his jeans.

Okigbo meanwhile had removed a distinctive jacket he was wearing.

The three called a taxi, which picked them up at around 4.09pm, before all three split up and went their separate ways.

Dikanda, of no fixed address, denied murder, possessing a machete on the day of the attack and possessing a bladed article in a separate incident two weeks later but was found guilty on all three counts.

Okigbo, of Trevithic House, York Rise, Camden, was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.

Investigating officer, Detective Inspector Simon Pickford, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said : “It beggars belief as to how such a trivial argument over what has been described as ‘pillow talk’ could escalate to the point where a group of men arrange to meet with weapons in a busy London street, prepared to seriously injure each other.

“Harry had worked so hard to establish his career in the modelling industry, and had so much more to live for. How sad it is that no one will ever know what else he might have achieved, and what a tragedy for his colleagues, who have been robbed of such a supportive and warm colleague. It was clear that Harry was a role model to many young black men and was an inspiration, but his life was taken in a senseless attack.

“The greatest tragedy of course is for Harry’s family, who have lost him in such a senseless way. I would like to thank them for their bravery and support during this process. There are no winners in this incident, but I hope this guilty verdict for Koh, Dikanda and Okigbo will give them some small comfort as they continue to come to terms with their loss.”

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