Megyn Kelly partially blames CNN, media for Capitol riot

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Megyn Kelly argued CNN and other media outlets partially share responsibility for the Jan. 6 deadly riot at the US Capitol — claiming the public “lost trust” in what she characterized as a lack of objective reporting of former President Trump.

Kelly, who left Fox News in 2017 following a feud with Trump, argued networks are to blame for “a complete lack of trust,” in the controversial interview with “BBC Newsnight” Saturday, according to video of the exchange posted by the Daily Mail.

“Part of the reason we saw what happened at the Capitol here two weeks ago is because there had been a complete lack of trust in the media, and people don’t know where to turn for true information, they don’t trust the media anymore. And it’s a major problem,” Kelly told the British network.

“They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity, and it wasn’t just CNN, all of them did. They just couldn’t check their own personal feelings about him,” Kelly said.

“The media destroyed itself, but Trump certainly helped. He sort of set a trap that walked right into and it worked really well,” she said. 

She said many reporters followed the “Jorge Ramos theory of covering Trump,” by describing Trump’s comments as racist and misogynist.

‘I remember listening to all of [Trump’s] disparaging comments about CNN when he first became a national figure as a presidential candidate, and I watched a lot of CNN even though I was on Fox. And I was like this is unfair. CNN may be a little boring, but it’s fair and it’s factual. It’s not biased against Trump. Then they spent the next four years proving him right – proving me wrong,” Kelly continued.

“We could have a little less crazy rhetoric from the White House, but it’s not going to change how divided we are here in America because Trump was the symptom of those divisions, not the cause of them,” she said.

Kelly, who was fired from NBC News in 2018 for controversial comments about blackface, was swiftly rebuked by many on Twitter.

“I’m sorry but I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous as Megyn Kelly saying on BBC Newsnight that Trump mobs attacked the Capitol because they didn’t trust the media — not Trump lying that the election was stolen,” tweeted British journalist Hugo Lowell. 

Other twitter users agreed with the news anchor turned podcast host.

“This from @megynkelly is so spot on. The media poisoned the faith in them to present unvarnished news thanks to their blatantly biased coverage of Trump. Now, with Biden, the opposite will be true. There will be no objective scrutiny and reporting,” one user tweeted.

Trump was impeached by Congress for a historic second time on Jan. 13 on the charge that he incited the mob in the deadly siege.

The article of impeachment will be sent to the Senate Monday, clearing the way for a trial.

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