Michigan Voters Had Their Say In The 2020 Primary — And They Picked Joe Biden

In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders took the primary win in Michigan, momentarily changing the tide of the primary election. History does not look like it will repeat itself four years later, on March 10, as former Vice President Joe Biden has already received 53 percent of the vote with 31 percent of precincts reporting, making him the likely winner in the state’s primary election. He pulled ahead of Sanders, who received 41 percent of the vote. President Donald Trump won the Republican primary, as expected.

Michigan has 147 delegates, of which 125 are pledged delegates up for grabs depending on the results of the primary. According to exit polls from The Washington Post, Sanders won more votes from young voters and very liberal voters, while Biden swept almost every other demographic breakdown across identity lines, including the majority of women and men, voters who are Black and voters who are white, and the majority of voters with and voters without a college degree.

The state also has 14 congressional districts up for election, although those won’t take place until August 4.

This Tuesday, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington also held their primary.

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