Microwave Challenge where people spin on the floor is the latest bizarre Twitter trend heating up the Internet

THE "Microwave Challenge" has taken social media by storm as the hottest new online fad.

The weird Internet craze sees people attempting to spin around like they're in a microwave… Sort of.

Dozens of videos show people sitting on the floor with their legs stretched out straight in front of them, slowly rotating their whole body in a circle, as if sat on a microwave plate.

The challenge is to make it all the way round — without moving your arms or legs.

It's believed that the viral trend kicked off on video sharing site TikTok last month.

But the Microwave Challenge has exploded in recent days with copycat videos popping up all over Twitter and Facebook.

Participants often use the same song — Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji — to accompany their challenge attempt.

The song uses a bell sound which sounds like a microwave's ping.

People have been left baffled by the strange new craze.

Natasha Jones wrote: "This #MicrowaveChallenge thing. What in the name of witchcraft is going on?

"How are these people doing that movement by just sitting on the floor?"

Another wrote: "How the f**k are people doing the #MicrowaveChallenge? What are yall sitting on?"

The Microwave Challenge comes hot on the heels of the "Cheesed Challenge", in which people would film themselves throwing sliced cheese at their babies' faces.


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