Mum makes sons walk to school for four miles ‘because they were rude to the bus driver’

The woman, from Harrow in Ontario, Canada, revealed the creative punishment by posting pictures of the pair on Facebook.

The two little boys can be seen trudging down the side of the road in a walk that reportedly took two hours.

The lads are made to carry a cardboard sign with them during their punishment.

On it is written the message: “Being bad and rude to our bus driver!

“Mum’s making us walk.”

Sharing the snaps, the mother wrote: “My boys have been bad for their bus driver and I got a call from the school yesterday.

“That drew the line for me!

“So this morning we did a 7km walk to show them what every day will be like for them when they get kicked off the bus!

“S*** just got real for them.

“Two hours later they made it!”

The woman was praised by some social media users, who hailed her as a “real parent”.

One person wrote: “Awesome job mom!! This is how you raise children.”

And another said: “Omg you’re the best.”

But she also faced criticism, including from Tina Gatt of the Children's Aid Society, who told CBC that shaming the boys on social media was not constructive.

She said: "For this parent, perhaps it was to get some acknowledgement from her peer group to say 'Is this right?'"

"But just to be shaming children is not motivating for good behaviour."


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