NYPD releases wanted poster for Brooklyn cat killer

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The NYPD has drafted up a wanted poster for the man who egged on his dogs to kill a beloved community cat in Brooklyn following global outrage over the incident, The Post has learned. 

The poster depicts two blurry images of the suspect, who is accused of using a stick to knock Tuxedo — a chunky black and white cat dubbed the “mayor” of NYCHA’s Breukelen Houses — out of a tree on January 13 so his dogs could attack the feline. 

“On January 13, 2021, a 911 call was placed in regards to two individuals who permitted their dogs to attack a neighborhood cat causing its demise,” the wanted poster, sent to the cat’s caretaker Latonya Walker by the NYPD’s animal cruelty squad, states. 

“The individuals along with their dogs were seen fleeing east on Stanley Avenue and then north on Williams Avenue toward Linden Blvd.” 

The poster asks anyone with information to contact the NYPD.

It will be hung up in the area starting Monday, Walker said she was told. 

“It’s about time!” the heartbroken caretaker, who’s been feeding and caring for Tuxedo since 2011, told The Post of the long-awaited action from the NYPD.

“I’m very happy they’re taking it seriously because it is a crime and they’re finally starting to do something because it’s a message to the world that you can’t go around doing this and that somebody does care.” 

Walker, who manages a feral colony at the complex and regularly helps her neighbors with pet care, claimed the NYPD was dragging its feet when Tuxedo’s death was initially reported. She said they only took action when The Post and other media outlets started writing about it. 

Soon after The Post’s initial report, Animal Victory started a petition demanding more action from the NYPD — it has garnered over 20,000 signatures from concerned citizens in over 80 countries across the globe. 

Walker said the NYPD has since found surveillance video depicting the incident and while two people were seen in the clip, only one of them used the stick to knock Tuxedo out of the tree.

The video also shows the second individual trying to get the dogs off of Tuxedo while the suspect pictured in the wanted poster stood idly by, allowing it to happen, Walker said, citing conversations she’s had with animal cruelty investigators.

The NYPD didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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