Pervert pounces on 12-year-old girl in cafe and kisses her before running away

This is the horrifying moment an alleged pervert pounced on a 12-year-old girl and kissed her before running away.

The youngster was in the internet cafe with friends in Caloocan City in the Philippines on August 19, when the young man started lingering near her.

CCTV footage shows him look around several times before grabbing the girl’s hair, pulling her head back and kissing her before she pushed him away.

The alleged attacker was then seen fleeing of the computer and printing shop.

The child was left shaking and in tears after the chilling assault.

The girl’s mother arrived and obtained the surveillance footage before contacting police and appealing for help to find the assailant.

She said: ”My daughter was waiting for her aunt to finish printing her documents when a man entered the shop.

"They did not bother with him too much because they thought he was just a customer too.

”He kissed her. Then my sister also ran outside to look for the suspect.

”She shouted for help. To get the attention of people, she was shouting for help to catch a thief.”

The mother said she gave a statement to the police but they were not updated ever since.

They also reported this to the town council who say they launched a hunt to find the individual concerned.

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Council leader Joel Bacolod of Barangay Bagong Silang PH4B said: ”We are doing everything we can to catch this person.

"We are giving away wanted flyers with his photos and contact number to direct any information to us.”

Police said they had received a report of the incident but had so far been unable to trace him.

A spokesman for Caloocan City Police Station said: ”We have processed the complaint and have so far not located the suspect.”

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