Placido Domingo, 79, tests positive for coronavirus

Veteran Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo, 79, tests positive for coronavirus

  • The singer confirmed he was suffering from the disease via a Facebook post 
  • He urged his fans to be careful and follow all guidelines to avoid the infection 
  • Domingo has enjoyed a sixty- year career and was one of the Three Tenors 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo has announced through a Facebook post that he has coronavirus and is in self-isolation. 

In his statement, Domingo, 79, urged others to be ‘extremely careful’ and follow the basic guidelines of hand washing and social distancing to stop the spread of the disease. 

The veteran singer decided to get tested after suffering from a high fever and a cough, and the test has since come back positive.  

Domingo and his family are now in self-isolation for however long is ‘medically necessary’ but the singer also rallied his fans with encouraging words. 

Spanish tenor Placido Domingo performs during his concert, November 2019 

He said: ‘Together we can fight this virus and stop the current worldwide crisis, so we can hopefully return to our normal daily lives very soon.’ 

Domingo has enjoyed a sixty year career which has seen him perform regularly in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English and Russian since 1957. 

Known throughout the opera world for his versatility, the Spanish singer first rose to worldwide prominence with fellow countryman Jose Carreras and Italian Luciano Pavarotti as part of the hugely successful opera trio The Three Tenors. 

Last month he was accused by several women of sexual misconduct. That has led to several of his performances being canceled and an apology from him.

Spain is the third hardest-hit country after China and Italy with 28,572 infections and 1,720 deaths in the virus outbreak.


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