Putin refurbs £100m ‘Killer Whale’ megayacht with £70k tables & gold BATHROOM after rushing it out of Europe before war | The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin has spent billions of Russian rubles refurbishing his megayacht after his other ship was seized by investigators in Italy.

The dictator, whose forces are bombing women and children in Ukraine, has spared no expense on the refit of his £100 million floating mansion the Kosatka.

While around 300,000 Russian troops have been killed or injured in the Ukraine war, reports from Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation show Putin has spent his time focussing on the remodelling of the eye-wateringly expensive boat.

Photos from the inside of the tasteless yacht, published by Navalny’s team, show gold-lined drawing rooms, crystal chandeliers, plush carpets, and expensive artwork.

The Kosatka, which translates as Killer Whale, was previously docked at a yard in Germany but was rushed out of the country to Russia just before Putin ordered his army to invade Ukraine.

The superyacht was originally known as the Graceful but then renamed to Kosatka after it was rushed out of Germany.

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An email sent to the manager of the dockyard in Hamburg on January 19 stated that the owners wished to suddenly move Graceful to Russia on February 1 – 23 days before they launched their invasion.
Repairs on the ship were due to take another year but had to be wrapped up in just 12 days.

The yacht then sailed to Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania.

Now in St Petersburg, pictures reveal the vast wealth poured into remodelling the ship with coffee tables worth £70,000 and a sofa worth £35,000.

A dance floor which lowers and turns into a pool has also been installed – almost identical to the one onboard the Scheherazade, a yacht believed to belong to Putin which has been impounded in Italy.

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Since September 2020 the 459ft £750 million ship, named after a legendary Persian queen, has been moored in Marina di Carrara.

Italian finance police swooped on the yacht in May last year after reports showed that Putin was the real owner.

Eduard Khudainatov, the sanctioned former CEO of the Russian state oil company Rosneft, is understood to be the “straw owner”.

Pictures obtained by The Sun show six decks of obscene luxury and sickening excess onboard including gold plated toilet roll holders, a levelling pool table for when the sea is rough, and a self-playing piano.

A model of the extravagant Scheherazade, which is now out of reach for Putin, can be seen in a photo taken from inside the owner’s cabin on the Kosatka.

On the desk is a special phone used exclusively for secure military communications in Russia.

A similar phone can be seen in pictures from Putin’s Kremlin office.

The yacht’s helipad had also been refitted along with a huge ‘sea pool’ worth £2 million which was made by a company which makes Russian submarines.

The champagne coloured carpet in the master bedroom alone is believed to have cost the equivalent of £40,000.

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An adjoining bathroom is fitted with gold lined mirrors, taps, sinks and cabinets.

A cabinet in the master bedroom is lined with books about Russian history and has a statuette of Peter the Great.

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