Radical change coming to Australia's coins in months

See Australia’s new dollar coins featuring King Charles III’s face on the back

  • First dollar coin with King Charles’ effigy revealed
  • Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh released a photo
  • The coins will enter circulation before Christmas

The first Australian dollar coins featuring King Charles III’s face on them have been unveiled by the government. 

Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh on Thursday released a photo showing what the king’s face will look like on dollar coins.

The dollar coin with Charles III’s effigy will enter circulation before Christmas. 

The other denominations featuring Charles III will be released next year. 

Mr Leigh had confirmed the news of the coins last week. 

The first Australian dollar coins featuring King Charles III ‘s face on them have been unveiled

‘I’m keen to make sure we get a lot of those new coins out, because I know for the vast majority of Australians, this will be the first time they hold a coin in their hand which has a King rather than a Queen on it,’ he told ABC Canberra.

The Labor Minister described it as a ‘big moment’ for the country.

Charles III will be only the second monarch to feature on Australian decimal currency. 

Coins with Elizabeth’s effigy will still be in circulation and considered legal tender.

Mr Leigh added that the Royal Australian Mint will continue to ‘run their dies with the Queen’s effigies on them to the end of their natural life’.

‘And then they’ll just substitute in dies with the King’s effigy, and so they’re familiar with doing this,’ he said.

The only difference between the Charles and Elizabeth coins is Charles will be facing the opposite direction to his mother.

While Elizabeth faces right on her coins, Charles will be looking left.

Elizabeth’s effigy is on Australian coins and the five dollar note.

She featured on coins after Australia switched from pounds to dollars and cents in 1966.

Charles will only be featured on coins as Australia is set to release a new five dollar note with an Indigenous design in the coming years.

The first collector and investment coins with the King are expected to be available for sale early next year.

Charles became king following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8 last year.

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