Two men arrested for 'raping British woman' near Benidorm

Two men are arrested for ‘raping British woman after she agreed to pay them to take her to her hotel after night out near Benidorm’

  • The woman was allegedly raped after falling asleep in a car on the way home

Police have arrested two men over the rape of a British tourist near Benidorm.

Detectives revealed today the holidaymaker was attacked after agreeing to pay two men who offered to take her back to her hotel in their car as she waited for a taxi.

She was allegedly raped at the home of one of the suspects after falling asleep in the back of the vehicle.

The men, both Algerian nationals aged 39 and 44, have been remanded in custody pending an ongoing investigation.

One was also being hunted over a violent robbery two days before the sex attack in Villajoyosa next to Benidorm.

Police have arrested two men believed to have raped a woman in Spain. Pictured: police at the Civil Guard headquarters in Benidorm

Police believe the holidaymaker was waiting to go home when two men offered to take her for cash, before raping her

The age of the British woman has not been revealed but well-placed sources described her as ‘young.’ She is said to have handed over €15 (£13) for the fare.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard revealed today: ‘The Civil Guard in Villajoyosa has arrested two men over the rape of a foreign tourist in August inside a property in that locality.

‘The incident occurred in the early hours of August 25.

‘The holidaymaker was waiting for a taxi in Benidorm to take her back to her hotel after going out partying and the suspects offered to take her in return for money.

‘She had just left a nightspot which had been about to close in a popular going-out area frequented by tourists in Benidorm.

‘After agreeing to travel with them and paying the cash, she fell asleep which is when both suspects allegedly took advantage of the situation to take her to one of their homes and sexually attack her.’

Detectives said the woman alerted police she found on the street after waking up and ‘escaping’ the property where the alleged sex attack occurred.

The arrests took place last month but police only went public with them today after the two men were remanded in prison by an investigating judge.

The police spokesman said: ‘Investigators analysed security cameras close to the area where the holidaymaker was picked up which led to the identification of the mens’ vehicle and the place where the alleged sex attack occurred.

‘They also managed to identify the suspects, two men aged 39 and 44.

‘One of them was being hunted by police over a violent robbery two days before the rape.’

Police test forensic evidence at the Civil Guard headquarters in Benidorm following the alleged rape of a woman

File photo of Poniente beach in Benidorm, a popular holidaying hotspot with British tourists

Police have not released footage of the arrests but have published images relating to the investigation including what appears to be DNA sampling.

Detectives are understood to have reviewed the movements of around 30,000 vehicles to identify the car that picked up the British tourist. 

The court hearing that resulted in them being sent to a nearby jail pending ongoing inquiries took place in private, as is normal in Spain where only trials are held in public.

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