Randy couple romp on a moving train in front of shocked commuters

A BRAZEN couple romped on a moving train in front of stunned passengers.

Shocked commuters filmed what appears to be a randy pair going at it in broad daylight.

The alleged sexy shocker took place as the train roared through the city of Nizhny Novgorod in western Russia.

According to reports, the railroad sex session took place as they approached Chkalovskaya station.

In the video, a blonde woman in a red top and black trousers can be seen kneeling between a sitting man's legs.

She appears to perform a sex act on the bloke, who places a bag on his lap to try and obscure the view.

At one point they stop to kiss before noticing they are being filmed.

Rather than hid in shame, they giggle and carry on – with the guy pushing to girl's head down.

She then writhes around on his lamp as the dark-haired man smiles and laughs.

The girl even grabs onto the carriage door handle for support during their shocking display.

They stop going at it – briefly – as the train pulls into a station and more passengers get on and sit near to them.

But almost immediately carry on with the poor man unaware he is about to et an eyeful.

Eventually the train terminates, derailing their fun.

Shocked internet users in Russia shamed the couple with one writing: ‘Why did no one come over and stop that?’ Police declined to comment.

They are not the first couple to get in the mood in, and around, train stations.

Last year we revealed how a pair of New York-based baseball fans went at it in front of other passengers.

A pair of brazen bonkers were filmed romping for 90-seconds ar London's Hackney Downs station – and still made their train.

Uni student, Dominic Richardson, was eventually tracked down and arrested – before being handed a 60-day booze ban.

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