Remote Idaho home listed for $1.6 MILLION despite dilapidated state

How’s this for a fixer-upper? Remote Idaho home is listed for $1.6 MILLION despite peeling wallpaper, duct-taped doors and ripped up floor (but does have ten acres and two wells)

  • Despite its large price tag, photos from the listing show a home in dire need of renovations and a round or pressure washing
  • Across four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,848 square-feet, the home features lots of wall-to-wall carpeting, and linoleum floors worn down to white from use
  • The home is located in Harden Lake, in northern Idaho, and features expansive views of the sky

A dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere has been put on the market for $1.6million – despite needing a full renovation inside and out.

The four-bedroom property in Hayden Lake, Idaho, features duct-taped doors, plywood ceilings and ripped up floors throughout.

The 1,848 sq ft building also comes with two bathrooms, brown carpet throughout as well as worn down linoleum and kitchen decking.

Meanwhile the exterior is clad in a clapboard siding that appears to have once been white, a faded red metal roof, and a wrap around porch with a plank of wood propped up against it.

But the sprawling home does feature ten acres of land with mountain views and two wells dotted across the countryside but only one is still functioning.

A dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere has been put on the market for $1.6million – despite needing a full renovation inside and out

A scene from the inside of the Hayden Lake home, showing folding chairs and stumps encircling the iron hearth inside the main room of the house

An aerial shot showcasing the home’s property. The roof is in need of some work but there is a satellite dish bolted to a first-floor wall

The kitchen of the home with its linoleum floor and full sink. There’s a cake on the counter and a box of Dr. Thunder on the microwave

The property, built in 1913, listing on Zillow focuses on the views, saying: ‘Great mountain and forest view from this beautiful 10 acres. Very quiet area of Hayden Lake. Property has 2 wells drilled. Only 1 is in use.’

Aerial pictures show the house on a large square slab of browning grass, with a smattering of towering pine trees reaching up into the sky.

The yard also appears to have at least one bathtub – maybe two – spare truck parts, and a number of loose cinderblocks.

A long, narrow stretch of roof looks to need replacing, as a strip of metal roofing lies folded back alongside a hole. Another notable feature includes the large television satellite bolted to a first-floor wall.

A long coffee table supporting a single lamp stands across from a double-wide and empty aquarium. In the background, a trunk is being used as a coffee table in the next room

A room featuring a roll top desk, pine paneled and peeling papered walls, and views looking out on the house’s wrap-around porch

A room off of the kitchen featuring exposed ply-wood ceilings and a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling

Inside the house there are also features usually found in the garden – including folding lawn chairs, a tree stump for a coffee table and what appears to be a wasps’ nest and snakeskin strung on the wall.

There’s some pine paneling here, peeling wallpaper there, and one room half-way dabbed in a smattering of rose-colored paint.

Meanwhile one of the doors has several strips of duct tape laid over it and the message ‘Caution, do not open!’ scrawled across it. The house was listed on June 4 for $1.6million.      

This room is half-painted in a rose-red, a wasp nest hangs alongside a snakeskin, and a door is duct taped with signs warning ‘Caution, do not open!’ on it

A room with a door leaning on the wall and lavender carousel horses stenciled throughout. The four-bedroom property also features duct-taped doors, plywood ceilings and ripped up floors throughout

A room featuring yard views, a heater, wall-to-wall carpeting, and clapboard walls of wood has pictures lined up against one of the painted walls

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