Republican club on Upper East Side vandalized

An Upper East Side Republican club was vandalized overnight — with a brick thrown through its window, two anarchy symbols scrawled on its front door and the locks glued, authorities said Friday.

Cops responded to the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd Street near Lexington Avenue about 1:50 a.m. after a report of a burglary, police said. When they arrived, they found the damage.

An anti-Republican note was also found at the scene.

“Tonight, we put the Republican Party on notice, in defiance to the policy of mass misery they have championed,” the note read. “The US government has established concentration camps around the country for Latino people, shamelessly murders black people, and continues its war machine that has slaughtered Muslim people with impunity for decades.”

At a press conference in front of the club Friday afternoon, New York GOP leaders fumed about the vandalism.

“This is terrorism,” New York state Senate candidate Pete Holmberg said. “The people in this district are civil. These people came from outside. This is an outside threat, and they’ve been sort of validated by [Hillary] Clinton.”

Marc Molinaro, the GOP candidate for governor of New York, also condemned the attack in a statement.

“This type of political violence and rank vandalism is unacceptable, and I call on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to condemn this attack immediately and call for calm on the political left. We are one nation and one state,” Molinaro said. “We must not revert to violence under any circumstances.”

No arrests have been made, and police are canvassing for video of the vandalism, cops said.

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