Royal Navy commandos welcomed home for Christmas after long deployment

Welcome home daddy! Commando Helicopter Force personnel get a warm welcome from families as they touch down in British soil for Christmas after long deployment overseas

  • Royal Navy commandos have been pictured with families after returning from operations around Europe 
  • 250 families gathered in Somerset to meet personnel returning for Christmas after deployment overseas
  • The Commando Helicopter Force took part in operations with the Royal Marines while training abroad 

Families welcomed home British service personnel with hugs and tears after lengthy deployments overseas.

Around 250 families attended the RNAS Yeovilton airbase in Somerset to meet Commando Helicopter Force personnel from the 845 and 847 Naval Air Squadrons who were returning for Christmas from operations around the Mediterranean Sea. 

Squadrons were deployed earlier this year as part of the Littoral Response Group North, visiting and training with forces from different countries around the Mediterranean including Cyprus, Montenegro and Algeria.

The Royal Navy’s Commando Helicopter Force met loved ones when returning from overseas operations around the Europe

845 Naval Air Squadron and 847 Naval Air Squadron are part of the Commando Helicopter Force, an amphibious unit operating out of RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset.

The primary role of the forces is to support Royal Marines personnel in amphibious assaults.

845 Naval Air Squadron was reported in October to be working with the Marines in Cyprus during the UK’s largest combined amphibious exercises in years. 

The force celebrates 60 years of commando status this year.

The 845 and 847 Naval Air Squadrons are specialist amphibious units and part of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm

Hugs and tears of joy as Royal Navy service personnel returned home to meet loved ones for over the Christmas break

The Royal Navy’s 845 Naval Air Squadron will celebrate 60 years since it was awarded ‘commando’ status this year

Littoral Response Groups have been deployed by the Royal Navy since 2020 as part of ‘a transformation from a 20th century facing intervention capability into a forward-based maritime advance force.’

The Integrated Review aspired to build the Royal Navy’s future amphibious capability around two LRGs able to project power with precise and highly mobile autonomous systems. 

The Littoral Response Group North (pictured returning from operations) is seen as a ‘convening force’, open to working with NATO or JEF nations to protect shared interests, especially in light of the war in Ukraine.

Anti-terrorism and migration control operations around the Mediterranean are also future opportunities hinted at for the LRG North. 

845 Naval Air Squadron was spotted working with the Royal Marines in combined amphibious exercises in Cyprus in October

845, 846 and 847 Naval Air Squadrons make up the Royal Navy’s Commando Helicopter Force, in operation since 1997

The Commando Helicopter Force provides air support to the Royal Marines and has been working in Europe this year

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