Schoolboy filmed driving a truck along a motorway

A trucking disgrace! Police hunt man who filmed young schoolboy driving a LORRY down a UK motorway – and even swore at him for veering out of the lane

  • Police in Northern Ireland are investigating reports of a child driving a truck 
  • A clip shared on Snapchat reportedly showed a boy sitting in the driver seat
  • It is claimed the video was shot while the truck was driving near Dungannon 
  •  The footage allegedly showed the truck driving along the M1 in Co Tyrone 

Police are investigating a video that appears to show a child driving a lorry on a motorway.

The clip, which was apparently shared on Snapchat, is understood to have been filmed on the M1 motorway near Dungannon.

It shows a young boy in the driver’s seat of a lorry cab, apparently steering the vehicle as it drives along the motorway.

Police in Northern Ireland are investigating allegations that a young child, right, was spotted driving a truck along the M1 motorway on the outskirts of Dungannon, County Tyrone

The footage appeared to show the youngster driving the truck unassisted. The adult in the cab admonished the youngster over his lane disciple after he encroached on the slip road

The youngster is so small he is forced to sit on the edge of the driver’s seat with his head barely clearing the steering wheel. 

The eight-second clip has prompted a police investigation after social media users described the incident as shocking.  

A male, who is filming the footage, is audible in the background talking to the child, telling the youngster to ‘keep over’ after the truck began encroaching on a slipway on the left hand side of the truck. 

The PSNI confirmed it was making inquiries into the incident.

A spokesman said: ‘We have received a report and are aware of footage which has been shared on social media and are making inquiries.’

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