Shocking moment scorned mum, 54, and son sing and dance after burning down ex's canal boat home as vile pair jailed | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a scorned mum and her son danced and chanted the "roof is on fire" after burning down her ex's canal boat home.

Jackie Lloyd, 54, and son Adam, 36, could be seen chanting together as the barge erupted into flames on the Bridgewater Canal, Cheshire.

Bitter Jackie yelled "You dirty f***ing t**t, s****ing behind my a**e” after her 20-year relationship with Peter Hill ended.

As he waited for a cushion to set alight, Adam said "firebug, bro" before the boat was engulfed by the blaze.

In another clip, the mum could be hearing saying "come on you f***ing d**khead", before her son added: "Oh, we are in s**t".

The pair have now been jailed for 40 months each after admittingarson.

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Chester Crown Court heard the drama unfolded following a "family meeting" with Jackie's ex-husband about photos for an upcoming funeral they believed were on the boat.

Also convinced Peter had been cheating on her, Jackie and Adam headed to the canal where she bombarded her former partner with phonecalls.

Peter, who was heading to Lancashire at the time, said she was "nasty" and appeared to be drunk while she demanded access to the barge to get her belongings back.

He told Jackie the items were with him in the car and begged her not to go on board but she threatened to set the boat alight.

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In a final phonecall, Peter could hear footsteps on metal that sounded like someone walking on his water home before the phone went dead.

Horrified witnesses then saw Jackie leaving the boat as the flames began to take hold.

Prosecutor Peter Hussey said: "It did not take long for both defendants to disembark and stand on the riverbank celebrating.

"The fire quickly took hold and began to engulf and ultimately completely destroy Mr Hill’s barge. This of course, being his home and all his belongings inside.

"Had there been anybody on board the barge none would have been able to rescue them.”

After they were arrested, Jackie claimed the boat was hers and claimed she had been cheated on.

Meanwhile, her son admitted starting the fire but said he had accidentally dropped a cigarette, which sparked the flames.

The fire completely destroyed Peter's £45,000 home and he lost all his possessions.

In a statement, he said he had been "moved from pillar to post" since the fire as he had nowhere permanent to stay and no possibility of replacing his home.

Peter also said he suffered serious depression and left the area ''to stay out of the way".

Sentencing, Judge Steven Everett told Jackie: “You had been in a relationship with Peter Hill for 20 years. Whatever the reasons for your break-up does not matter but it is clear that you took it badly.

'Normal decent people accept that sometimes these things happen and walk away but you exactly the opposite. As seen on the video clips there was a real air of gloating which was equally despicable.

“It was a nasty, mean and despicable act of revenge on a man who did not deserve it.''

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