Spanish hospital mix-up: Father told he is not child's biological dad

Bungling Spanish hospital is forced to tell father he is not child’s biological dad due to sperm mix-up during IVF treatment – after parents grew suspicious over son’s appearance

  • The Andalusia family are reportedly furious with the Puerta del Mar hospital
  • They found out after a friend of the family accessed the child’s birth certificate 

A father who was told he was not his child’s biological parent due to a hospital mix-up of his sperm has filed a €1million lawsuit with his partner.

The Andalusia family, who did not want to be named, has slammed the Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cadiz, Spain, for mixing up the father’s sperm with someone else’s, according to local media.

They are said to have grown suspicious over the child’s appearance in February, two years after the mother became pregnant thanks to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

A few weeks ago a friend of the family with a medical background reportedly managed to access the child’s birth certificate, which revealed an incompatible blood group with his supposed father’s.

The family filed a complaint with the hospital, saying that the mistake had caused ‘very serious and irreparable moral damage’.

The Puerta del Mar hospital where the error occurred in Cadiz, Spain

The image shows samples removed from a freezer

The family has since filed a €1million lawsuit (£884,000) against the hospital.

Local media quote the lawsuit as saying that the error has destroyed the father’s dream of having a biological child with his wife, saying that the ordeal will also have an ‘incalculable added emotional and personal impact’ on the family in the future.

The mother is also said to be experiencing ‘anguish’ after carrying a stranger’s child inside her instead of her husband’s.

Ignacio Martínez, a lawyer in the proceedings and a lawyer attached to the Patient Ombudsman, has said that the case is a first but added that there could be more like it.

The Ministry of Health, in charge of the hospital, has not yet commented and is waiting for the outcome of a number of procedures.

The investigation is ongoing.

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