Spooky footage shows disc-shaped UFO soaring above Mount Everest

UFO hunters have spotted a strange disc-shaped object zooming over Mount Everest.

Spooky footage analysing a two-billion-pixel picture of the mountain identifies the black shape in the sky above the Himalayas.

Sky watchers say it can't be a drone because of it's height and the fact that it causes a silhouette.

Eagle eyed observers clocked the object after mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears constructed an stunning two-billion pixel photo of the mountain range.

The image is one of 477 that have been stitched together to create a super high definition mosaic composition.

The completed picture captures incredible detail of the world's tallest mountain, stretching from the base camp, where 500 climbers prepare to make the climb, up to the sky above.

The work was created in 2012 but appears to have snapped more than the mountain range.

Alien watchdog group UFO Today, who have analysed the picture, said secret underground 'Area 51'- type bases are rumoured to exist around the photo's location.

There has also been significant speculation about such bases around the virtually inaccessible Ladakh border area between India and China.

Declassified CIA documents last year sent UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy.

The files revealed seven sightings of UFOs in the skies above Nepal and neighbouring India and and Bhutan in 1968.

One report described "a blazing object, flashing intermittently and accompanied by a big thunder sound". It was seen disintegrating above the western part of Nepal.

The report also gave details of a "huge metallic disc-shaped object with a six-foot base and four feet in height" that was "found in a crater, five miles north east of Pokhara".


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