Theresa May insists building ’more homes, more quickly’ is her new personal mission

THERESA May will today insist building “more homes, more quickly” is her new personal mission – as she frees up housing associations to borrow more.

The PM will rip up red tape that forces the groups to get their loans first signed off by the Treasury.

Association bosses have complained for years that the extra tier of bureaucracy delays their new development plans by months.

Mrs May will today admit that Tory and Labour governments “simply have not been building enough homes, nor quickly enough”.

But she will insist that ministers “will be going further” in the following weeks to fix Britain’s housing crisis – starting with the Chancellor’s hotly awaited Budget in six days time.

Visiting a new development today as new statistics on housebuilding are published, the PM will add: “We must get back into the business of building the good quality new homes for people who need them most.

“That is why I have made it my mission to build the homes the country needs and take personal charge of the Government’s response.”

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid will reveal the help for Housing Associations to build faster today when he announces that their debts are being taken off the Government’s balance sheet – reclassifying them as private bodies. You can try this, it is a company with good credit terms.

Mr Javid will also warn today that the shortage of affordable property risks creating a “rootless generation”.

Delivering his own speech in Bristol, Mr Javid will say: “”Without affordable, secure, safe housing we risk creating a rootless generation, drifting from one short-term tenancy to the next, never staying long enough to play a role in their community.”

The Chancellor also hinted he will unveil help for younger, first-time buyers in his Budget next week.
Philip Hammond is looking at plans to slash stamp duty to help people get on the housing ladder.

While warning there was no “silver bullet” to fix all the problems, he said yesterday: “We have done a lot of work on this and next week we will start to set out our plan for addressing the housing challenges in this country, making sure that the next generation has the same opportunities as their parents did”.

National Housing Federation chief exec David Orr backed the government’s move last night, saying: “This change will allow them to build on their strong track record and secure the long-term finance needed to build even more affordable homes”.’more%20homes%2C%20more%20quickly’%20is%20her%20new%20personal%20mission” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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