Theresa May vows to tackle race inequality in the UK as shocking report reveals disparities in public services, education and health

THERESA May will demand Britain tackles terrible race inequalities exposed in a shock report.

The year-long Race Disparity Audit – the first done by any government in the world – was first pledged by the PM as she took office on the steps of No10 in June 2016.

 Theresa May's Race Disparity Audit is the first to be done by any government in the world

Published in full, it reveals huge disparities of how people from different races fare dramatically differently from public services, from education and prison to housing and health.

Among its disturbing findings, the Race Disparity Audit has found;

  • Just 32% of poorer white British pupils on free school meals reached expected standards by the age of 11 – the lowest of any ethnic group, while Chinese pupils scored the highest on 71
  • Three times the proportion of Black Caribbean school kids are permanently excluded in comparison to white pupils (a rate of 0.1%)
  • White teenagers are almost four times more likely to be smokers than black teenagers, with a rate of 9.2% versus 2.4%
  • A far higher percentage of while people have jobs than black and minority ethnic people; 75.7% versus 63.9%

The report also highlights significant regional variations in how different races fare.

The North is the worst place for ethnic minorities to get a job, with the gap between them and white people extending to 13.5%, while in the South it is 9%.

 The PM is insisting there is nowhere to hide after the results of the report are revealed
 Mrs Mays report reveals that the North is the worst place for ethnic minorities to get a job

The PM said: “This audit means that for society as a whole – for government, for our public services – there is nowhere to hide.

“The message is very simple: if these disparities cannot be explained then they must be changed.”

Visiting a school in Lambeth, South London, the PM also told sixth formers: “What I hope this audit will bring is a change in attitude so that everyone is treated equally, no matter what their background, and this is never a barrier to getting on in life”.

No10 have already ordered some actions in response to its stark findings.

 The PM hopes the audit means that people will be treated equally
 Mrs May received a warm welcome by the pupils of Dunraven School
 The PM met with the pupils ahead of the Race Disparity Audit's publication
 Mrs May told the sixth formers that she met that she hopes the audit brings a change in attitude
 The PM looked in high spirits as she left the school

The Department for Education has launched an external review to improve practice in exclusions.

And the Department for Work and Pensions will launch fresh drives in 20 workless race hotspots, including mentoring schemes to help those in ethnic minorities in to work.

The PM’s audit was warmly welcomed by equality campaigners.

Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, David Isaac said: “Only by taking focused action to tackle race inequality can Britain become a fair country in which individuals can reach their potential and our communities can live and work together”.


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