Top Jeremy Corbyn ally sparks fury by claiming Munich murderers were only ALLEGED terrorists

Chris Williamson sparked anger when he compared the Labour boss to Nelson Mandela, as the row around his involvement at a wreath-laying ceremony where those who committed the 1972 massacre continued to rage.

The Derby MP took to the airwaves to defend his boss today, after Mr Corbyn refused to apologise for attending the ceremony in 2014, where he was snapped holding a wreath.

Mr Williamson told Radio 4 this lunchtime: "Jeremy has been very clear about it. He was there, but wasn't involved in any ceremony relating to the alleged terrorists that has been suggested by any various media outlets."

He added: "He was holding a wreath but he was invited to participate by the Tunisian president in relation to the airstrikes by the Israeli air force on the PLO headquarters there.

"The fact that Jeremy was there at a commemoration ceremony seems perfectly in order and an acceptable thing to do."

Mr Williamson described the row as another "smear" against the Labour boss, and claimed: "The very same people of whom are now criticising Jeremy Corbyn demonised Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. these smears are not actually cutting through."

In the early hours of the morning of September 5, 1972, Palestinian terrorists took eleven members of  the Israeli Olympic team hostage in the athletes' village in Munich and killed them.

Police officers killed five of the eight Black September members during a failed attempt to rescue the hostages. The other three Palestinian hijackers were captured, but released later in a hostage exchange.

The Labour boss was pictured in front of a plaque honouring three men – including the founder of the Black September Organisation which carried it out, and yards away from the grave of the PLO intelligence chief Atef Besiso.

Mr Corbyn has insisted he was there to honour the victims of the air attack on Tunis, at the Palestinian headquarters there.

Today he insisted he would not apologise for attending the ceremony – and sighed and rolled his eyes when he was quizzed over it.

And he claimed there was more than one wreath that was put down on the day, further adding confusion to his story.

He said: "I was there when the wreaths were laid – that’s pretty obvious. There were many others there that were witness to that, I witnessed many other people laying many wreaths."



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