Traveler sparks debate after ditching friends for VIP airport lounge

Traveler sparks fierce debate after revealing they ditched friends to wait in the VIP airport lounge before flight – so do YOU think they were wrong?

  • The traveler opened up about it on Reddit, and it launched a major argument
  • Their friends didn’t want to ‘waste money’ on the lounge so they went alone
  • Some felt they were being a bad friend, but others defended the choice

A traveler has sparked a fierce debate online after revealing that they left their friends behind to wait in the VIP airport lounge while waiting for a flight.

The traveler, who goes by the username @OK_Fisherman5205 on Reddit, explained that they were vacationing with five friends, when the group had to endure a ‘long layover’ in an airport that offered a ‘great’ VIP lounge with ‘free food and liquor.’

Unfortunately, the Reddit user explained that their friends told them they ‘didn’t want to waste the money’ on it – so they decided to book it and go alone.

After using the lounge’s many lavish amenities – like ‘comfortable chairs’ to nap on and ‘shower facilities’ – the well-rested and clean Reddit user explained that they met back up with their pals, who were furious that the original poster ditched them.

A traveler has sparked a fierce debate online after they revealed that they left their friends behind to wait in the VIP airport lounge while waiting for a flight 

The traveler explained on Reddit that their friends ‘didn’t want to waste the money’ on the lounge, so they went alone, which resulted in the pals being furious (stock image)

They asked the internet if they were ‘an a**hole’ for enjoying the lounge without the rest of their squad, and it left many people on the web divided over whether or not they were in the wrong. 

‘Am I the a**hole for paying for a lounge at an airport during a long layover?’ the original poster titled the post.


Do YOU think the traveler was wrong for leaving their friends to wait in the lounge?

Do YOU think the traveler was wrong for leaving their friends to wait in the lounge?

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‘I’m traveling with five friends and we are traveling cheap. However, we had one long layover in an airport with a great VIP lounge,’ they wrote.

‘The thing about these lounges is that they have free food and liquor. And comfortable chairs and shower facilities.

‘I told my friends what I was about and they all said that they didn’t want to waste money.

‘So I went to the lounge by myself. I had some snacks, a few drinks, a quick nap, and a long hot shower. And then I caught up with my friends at the gate.’

The traveler said they returned in a great mood – but their friends soon started to rain on their parade. 

The Reddit user explained that the pals said they had spent so much on their meals at the airport that they would have actually saved money had they just come in the lounge too.

They asked the internet if they were being ‘an a**hole’ for enjoying the lounge alone, and it left many people on the web divided over whether or not they were in the wrong

The Reddit user added that their friends also claimed they hadn’t ‘told them about everything that was in the lounge’ before hand.

‘I was bright eyed and bushy tailed – and a little drunk,’ they continued. ‘But when we started talking, my friends were b***hing about the cost of everything at the airport.

‘They [asked] why I looked so pleased with myself, and I told them about my stay in the lounge.

‘Two of them got visibly angry. They said I was an a**hole for not telling [them about] everything that was in the lounge.

‘They had actually spent more on food and drinks than I had. Plus, I got to nap in a comfy chair and have a shower.

‘I said that lounges aren’t a secret and that the internet exists – they could have looked up the same information I did.’

The Reddit user’s post got thousands of responses – and some people were on their side, while others felt they were a bad friend. 

‘Not the a**hole. You told them what you were going to do and at this point everyone should have an idea of what lounges have in them,’ one defender replied. 

‘Not your fault they didn’t want to check it out. They say they didn’t want to “waste money” but they went and bought food in the airport anyway.’

‘Not the a**hole,’ someone else agreed. ‘With a long layover, lounges are an amazing hack. 

‘Especially if you want cocktails – airport cocktails can be like $30. Two cocktails and you’ve paid for your lounge pass.

‘However, maybe don’t gloat about the great time you’ve had when you’re with people who had a rough time. Especially if you’ve got to travel together. Keep the peace.’

On the other hand, another person wrote, ‘You’re the a**hole. It would have taken you all of 45 seconds to say “but they have snacks, cocktails, comfy chairs, and showers. We can drink, eat, nap, and shower all for [x-amount of money].”

‘Then you wouldn’t have been an a**hole. Keeping that info to yourself and then gloating about it to people you call your friends is an a**hole move. Sure, the internet has that info. So did you, right then, during the conversation.’

‘You’re the a**hole. A lot of people have not used airport lounges before, and have the perception that they are fancy/associate them with traveling first class,’ a fourth comment read.

‘If you like your friends, knew they were money conscious, and believed this was a better deal, I don’t know why you wouldn’t mention that food/drinks/showers are included in the price.’

‘It wasn’t a secret. You offered them the opportunity to go with you. Are they five years old? No? Then they should be able to make decisions on their own. Not the a**hole,’ argued someone else.

A different user seemed conflicted. They commented: ‘You suck because not everyone travels or knows all that information, a good friend would at least inform their travel companions of the benefits so they could all enjoy together.

‘Your friends suck because you are not responsible for their choices and they could have asked you what all the lounge fee includes.

‘I’ve traveled with friends before and had the same dilemma of them not wanting to spend the money, but I took the five minutes to explain what all was included and then we all enjoyed the lounge together.’