Turtles are receiving counselling after their lovestruck relationship hit the rocks

A PAIR of turtles are receiving counselling — after their relationship hit the rocks in lockdown.

Giant green sea turtles Ernie, 17, and Cammy, 19, hit it off from the moment they met in summer 2017.

Staff at Sea Life Manchester expected them to start mating but crotchety Cammy has started warning Ernie to wind his neck in by biting him.

Sea Life’s welfare team are now desperately trying to reignite their passion through date nights with their favourite vegetables — and shell brushing sessions to relieve tension.

Brendan Malone, curator at the centre, said: “The change in Cammy and Ernie’s behaviour is quite significant.

"When the pair were first introduced three years ago, we had high hopes they would form a close bond.

"Since lockdown however, our welfare team has noted a distinct change in activity — including clear displays of standoffish behaviour from Cammy.

“Recent weeks have seen Cammy retreat, with Ernie going from being her number one playmate to number one annoyance.”

Staff reckon they are missing visitors to show off to.

Turtles also show more aggression as they reach sexual maturity.

Brendan said: “Cammy and Ernie are both big show-offs and love the attention from guests.

“We have high hopes they’ll rekindle their love.

“However we have to consider options, including a potential trial separation.”

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