Despite the racial-gender wealth gap, there are some Black women shattering glass ceilings. According to a recent report, Roz Brewer is demolishing it.   

The Walgreens CEO was reported to be the highest-paid female chief executive in 2021, according to a new Equilar study. Brewer earned $28.3 million in compensation — $20.2 million in the form of stock awards.

The study examined the 100 largest companies by revenue that filed 2021 proxy statements by March 31. 

Nine female CEOs were named in the report but there were none named as in the top 10 highest paid CEOs overall. 

That honor went to Patrick Gelsinger, who earned $177.9 million — nearly $170 million of that in stock and option awards. Coming in at the second position was Apple CEO Tim Cook ranked with $98.7 million — $82.3 million of that in stock awards. 

Next up was No. 3: Broadcom CEO Hock Tan ($60.7 million), No. 4: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ($49.9 million), No. 5: Charter Communications CEO Tom Rutledge ($41.8 million), No. 6: Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon ($39.5 million). 

Brewer came in at Walgreens CEO Brewer was the 14th highest paid chief executive.

“It is discouraging to see how underrepresented women are at the top and how overrepresented they continue to be at the bottom of the income scale,” said Sarah Anderson, an executive compensation expert at the progressive think tank Institute for Policy Studies to CNBC.

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