‘We Have A Tape Of Donald Trump!’ Ex-KGB Spy Claimed In 2016 Before Dossier ‘Pee Tape’ Story, CIA Veteran Says

Former CIA agent Bob Baer claims that an ex-KGB spy told him in 2016, before the Donald Trump ‘pee tape’ allegation became public, that Russia had a tape of Trump.

At the same time as the author of a new investigative book about Donald Trump and Russia claimed that Trump became a Russian “asset” as far back as 1987, as The Inquisitr reported, a veteran former CIA agent has told an audience in Colorado that Trump became a Russian “agent of influence” a year before that — in 1986 when Trump attended a cocktail party also attended by agents of the KGB, the dreaded secret intelligence service of what was then the Soviet Union.

But CIA veteran turned author Bob Baer added another startling detail, in his talk to a small audience at a Telluride, Colorado, public library on Thursday. During the 2016 presidential election campaign, months before the Christopher Steele Dossier became public — or before Steele had written more than a portion of the now-notorious document — a former KGB agent told Baer, “We have a tape of Donald Trump!”

At the time, Baer — the author the 2003 book See No Evil which was the basis of the 2005 film Syriana starring George Clooney — was skeptical of the former Soviet spy’s claim, believing it may be Russian “disinformation,” according to an account of Baer’s talk by The Telluride Daily Planet newspaper. Baer said that he is convinced that the man he spoke to on the phone was indeed an authentic former KGB agent.

“I knew from the phone number from the FBI that it was a legit KGB guy,” Baer, who lives near Telluride, told the audience. “What I didn’t know was how did the guy see the tape? Why should I believe him? Was this KGB disinformation? I worked with the KGB for years in the CIA. They’re very good at making stuff up.”

Baer did nothing with the information, and simply “filed it away” — until January of 2017 when the Steele Dossier was published online by BuzzFeed News.

In that dossier, Steele — a former British intelligence officer who headed the “Russia desk” for that country’s foreign intelligence service MI6 — wrote that Russian spies had tape recorded Trump during a visit to Moscow in 2013. The tape, Steele’s document reported, showed Trump with Russian prostitutes who performed a “golden showers” show for him in his luxury hotel suite, urinating on a bed that had recently been slept in by United States President Barack Obama. The allegation, as The Inquisitr has covered, became known as the “pee tape” story.

But the KGB agent who made the admission to Baer did not specify what the “tape of Donald Trump” to which he referred actually depicted, or when it was recorded.

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