White Michigan couple arrested after gun pulled on black family

White woman who was filmed pulling a gun on a black woman in a restaurant parking lot ‘after they bumped into her’ is arrested and charged with assault

  • Jillian and Eric Wuestenberg have been charged with felonious assault
  • Comes after a handgun was pulled on a black woman and her daughters
  • Cellphone video captured the confrontation Wednesday outside an Oakland County Chipotle restaurant in Orion Township, Michigan
  • Jillian Wuestenberg can be seen outside her vehicle shouting ‘get the f*** away! Get away!’ while pointing a handgun 

A white couple have been arrested after a handgun was pulled on a black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan.  

Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were charged Thursday with felonious assault, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said in a release. 

It was not immediately clear when they would be arraigned or if they have attorneys who could comment on the allegations.

Cellphone video captured the confrontation Wednesday outside a Chipotle in Orion Township, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) northwest of Detroit.

Jillian Wuestenberg can be seen outside her vehicle shouting ‘get the (expletive) away! Get away!’ while pointing a handgun.

She eventually gets back in her vehicle which is driven away by her husband.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters that the couple is from Independence Township and both have concealed pistol licenses. Deputies seized two handguns from the couple after they were detained Wednesday night following the encounter.

Jillian Wuestenberg (left) and her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, (right) were arrested after a handgun was pulled on a black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Orion Township, Michigan, authorities said Thursday

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard speaks at a news conference on Thursday to confirm one felonious assault charge each has been filed against Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg

The three-minute video posted online shows part of the interaction. Takelia Hill, who is Black, said that it happened after the white woman bumped into Hill’s teenage daughter Makayla as they were entering the fast food restaurant.

Speaking to The Detroit News, Makayla said: ‘Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out and I had moved out the way so she can walk out.

‘She bumped me and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.’ 

The teenager called her mother over. ‘I walked up on the woman yelling at my daughter,’ Hill said. 

‘She couldn’t see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter’s face.’ 

In the clip, Jillian Wuestenberg is heard saying: ‘Get away!’. She then walked back to the car and the pair drove away from the scene (right)

The later part of the altercation, which had moved to the restaurant parking lot, was then caught on camera. 

Hill and her daughter can be seen arguing with Jillian Wuestenberg about how she had allegedly bumped into the daughter. 

‘She did something wrong, she needs to apologize,’ Hill can be heard saying. 

‘You’re blocking me from getting in my car,’ Wuestenberg replies. 

Husband Eric Wuestenberg then proceeds to get out and open the door for the woman to get in as Hill and her daughter accuse her of being ‘ignorant’ and a ‘dumb a** b****’. 

A shocking video, taken by the victim, shows a white woman pointing a pistol at Takelia Hill (pictured) and her daughter

The two women then implore the husband to ‘do something’, to which he replies: ‘Who the f*** do you guys think you are? You called her names, she did nothing to you.’ 

As Eric Wuestenberg goes to get back in the car, the daughter can be heard telling him: ‘You’re very racist and ignorant.’  

As the altercation continues, the woman says from the passenger seat of the car: ‘You can’t just walk around calling white people racist. This is not that type of world. White people aren’t racist, no one is racist.’

As Hill continues to ask the woman why she bumped her daughter, she responds: ‘I care about you and I’m sorry if you’ve had an incident where someone has made you feel like that.’ 

The car window is wound up and the pair go to drive away. 

Hill is then seen behind the car and appears to punch the vehicle’s back window. It is unclear from the video how Hill came to be behind the car.  

According to Hill, she thought the driver of the car was attempting to hit them so she knocked on the back window of his SUV to stop him.   

The pair then emerge from the vehicle and the woman points a gun at her.  

In the clip, she is heard saying: ‘Get away!’

Hill then replies: ‘She got the gun on me, she was about to hit me with the car. Call them, get the license plate. Get the license plate now! Cause you were about to hit me with the car?’

A shocking video, taken by the victim, shows Jillian Wuestenberg holding a pistol at a family with her hand placed on the trigger at a car park in Orion Township, Michigan

Wuestenberg says: ‘Don’t you f***ing jump behind my car!’, shouting repeatedly: ‘Get the f*** back!’ pointing the gun straight at the victim. She screams at people to get away from her and her vehicle. A woman shouts, ‘She’s got a gun on me!’ and urges someone in the parking lot to call the police.

Wuestenberg then lowers the gun, climbs into the passenger seat and the vehicle drives off. 

Hill said her other two daughters were in the car at the time of the altercation, which has left the family traumatized.   

Cooper, the prosecutor, said that her office viewed the available video and looked at the facts before filing charges.

‘It is an unfortunate set of circumstances that tempers run high over, basically, not much of an incident,’ she said of the initial alleged spark that caused the confrontation.

Bouchard said people are ‘picking sides’ and that threatening calls were made to the sheriff’s office dispatch center after the videos were posted online.

‘We don´t see sides. We see facts,’ he said. 

‘There’s a lot of tension in our society, a lot of tension among folks and people with each other. 

‘I would just say this, we are asking and expect our police – and rightfully so – to deescalate every situation they possibly can, and we should be doing that. But I would say that needs to happen with us individually in our own lives and situations, that we interact with each other and deescalate those moments.’

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