Woman says she can see William Shakespeare in a ceiling light

Do mine eyes deceive me? Woman says she can see the likeness of William Shakespeare in a ceiling light – so do you see it too or is it much ado about nothing?

  • Rebecca Manville, 41, said she noticed the shape at her home in Eastbourne 
  • After posting on Facebook, several people noticed the famous resemblance 
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Is William Shakespeare really in this woman’s ceiling light – that is the question. 

Rebecca Manville, 41, noticed the strange shape at her home in Eastbourne after moving some furniture.

However, she could not quite put her finger on the likeness.

Desperate for some help, Rebecca took to Facebook where several people replied that it looked like the Bard – and the light went on for Rebecca.

She said: ‘We have just had our lounge moved around. We used to sit on the other side of the room, so I didn’t notice it until recently.

Rebecca Manville, 41, took to Facebook to ask what this strange shape in her ceiling light looked like – the answer, William Shakespeare

Perhaps the legendary playwright was wrong when he said: ‘A man can die but once’

‘It was on the tip of my tongue. I could see the picture but couldn’t think of the name. Then I put it on Facebook – and people said it was Shakespeare.’

Rebecca, a consultant, says her husband thinks it looks like the playwright too.

Neither think that it is a plague on their house and they instead find it amusing.

The property is an old farmhouse which was built centuries ago around when Shakespeare was born.

Rebecca said: ‘The old part of our house is from 1560, so the house was around when Shakespeare was alive.

‘But the spotlight is in the newer part of the house. I just thought it was interesting and a bit of fun really.

‘I am a Shakespeare fan and a theatre grad so for me it was quite interesting.

‘It’s probably him getting revenge after all these years of us doing his plays. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favourite.’

The wooden beams in Rebecca’s house which date back to 1560 – around the time when Shakespeare was alive

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