Bad Bunny Hosts 'SNL' with Guests Pedro Pascal, Lady Gaga

Bad Bunny took over “SNL” Saturday night in a big way, hosting AND performing as the musical guest, with lots of celeb firepower behind him.

His opening monologue was hilarious … Pedro Pascal served as a “translator” for BB, who, true to form, delivered his monologue en Espanol. Bad Bunny has said repeatedly, he does not pander to English audiences. He says he thinks in Spanish, eats in Spanish and sings in Spanish.

Pretty funny … Pedro asked Bad Bunny to show an embarrassing pic of him but BB replied, “Nothing could be found.”

And then there were surprise guests … huge guests, as in Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger. Mick hasn’t appeared on the show since 1986. Again, pretty funny — Bunny and ‘SNL’s Marcello Hernandez are in an emotional Spanish-language soap. Mick ends up backhanding Bunny and Marcello.

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