'I don't care': Whoopi Goldberg fumes over Swift-Kelce romance

The View host Whoopi Goldberg fumes over Taylor Swift’s ‘romance’ with Travis Kelce – as Sara Haines insists their relationship is still a ‘PR stunt’

  • Whoopi, 67, admitted she has zero interest in 33-year-old Taylor’s love life
  • The pop star is rumored to be dating Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis
  • READ MORE: Taylor Swift is seen leaving Travis Kelce’s $1m Kansas City mansion 

Whoopi Goldberg was not impressed during Monday’s episode of The View as talk turned once more to the frenzy around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s alleged romance.

The actress, 67, made it very clear that she ‘doesn’t care’ about the pair and will continue watching football whether Taylor is ‘participating or not’.

There’s been plenty of fanfare surrounding Taylor’s appearance at Sunday night’s game, where she watched Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis play from a star-studded suite alongside her celebrity pals – Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sophie Turner and Hugh Jackman – as his team took on the Jets.

However, Whoopi said she doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal, asking, ‘why is this so extraordinary?’ as she purposefully mispronounced Travis’s last name.

Whoopi Goldberg was not impressed during Monday’s episode of The View as they discussed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Whoopi said she doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal, asking: ‘Why is this so extraordinary?’

Taylor watched Travis play on Sunday alongside the likes of Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (L-R)

Fellow panelists Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Sara Haines had a lot to say on the subject – with the latter still insisting that Taylor’s latest romance is one big ‘publicity stunt.’

‘Obviously this is not my cup of tea, but I’m really impressed with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé and what the two of them have achieved,’ Ana said.

‘I mean, between the two of them, they are having an economic impact of almost 10 billion… with a [capital] “B”, dollars on the global economy!’

‘So it’s about the money?’ Whoopi questioned, as Ana quickly fired back: ‘She told the other day her followers to register to vote and it increased it over 1,000 per cent.’

But the Sister Act star was having none of it and shouted: ‘Yes, but what about the football? What about the football? That’s the point!’ 

Mother-of-three Sara then decided to speak up and said: ‘The football thing is, I do believe that Beyoncé and Taylor Swift don’t do it by themselves. They have these amazing teams that are also around them, creating buzz, it’s their job to do this.’

Referring to some comments she made on The View podcast last week, she continued: ‘So the other day I said, “this is a bit of a PR stunt,” and people are like, “she doesn’t need PR.” 

‘I was once at a lunch with literally a megastar, who I am not going to name, and we came out and all these cameras were there and I said, “How do they know where they are?” and they’re like, “Her team calls them.”

Mother-of-three Sara Haines insisted that Taylor’s latest romance is a ‘publicity stunt’

Whoopi asked why nobody was talking about the football as Sara shared her views

‘So in the business, you’ll learn, they try to create buzz around products. It’s not a shady thing to do, it’s literally what these people are paid to do. So when you say it’s a PR stunt, it’s not an insult to Taylor Swift. She is where she is because of so much of this machine!’

‘Do you think her asking people to vote is a PR stunt?’ Ana then asked, as Sara quickly replied: ‘No, that I love! And we talked about it last week, the voting and the truck driver. She does great things, she’s very talented, all the things, but there are people paid to do these things for her!’

Whoopi piped up again and shouted: ‘But what about the football?’ and it was mother-of-two Sunny who had a very simple explanation for her. 

‘I think the reason no one’s answering your question is because we don’t really care about the football,’ she said matter-of-factly as her co-hosts burst out laughing.

Sunny Hostin (left) admitted that none of them care about football as Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted she’s a ‘Swiftie’

Viewers tuning in at home were keen to have their say as well and took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts 

‘So here’s my response to that: Then why do we pick this to talk about?’ Whoopi fired back, as Sunny admitted: ‘I don’t care about the Taylor Swift thing either.’

Whoopi continued: ‘Unfortunately for me, I have to say all of this stuff. I’m expected to say what it’s based in… this is why it becomes a problem, nobody wants to talk about it, they want to talk about Taylor Swift!’

She then added: ‘I love Taylor, she’s great. I’m watching football whether she’s participating or not, but I would never have brought this up.’

‘But what if she then, you know – like she likes to do – she breaks up with the guy and then she makes a song about it?’ Sunny asked as Whoopi shrieked: ‘I don’t care! Listen, it has nothing to do… oh my God, you actually act like I care!’

The Oscar-winning actor then turned to the camera and joked: ‘Taylor, do your thing. We’ll talk about you another day!’

Viewers tuning in at home were keen to have their say as well and took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis pictured before the game against the New York Jets on October 1

Taylor was spotted hugging Travis’ mom Donna Kelce during the football game

‘Even Taylor Swift couldn’t get the cast of #TheView interested in football,’ one person joked.

Another person posted: ‘I think people like Whoopi become annoyed with Taylor because it becomes more about her or them than the game. I feel the same way. #TheView.’

A third commented: ‘Of course Whoopi doesn’t really care for the Traylor (Taylor and Travis) topic, like most folks here! #theview.’

And a fourth added: ‘This Taylor/Travis thing is over the top. We don’t need 2 know she is at his games. When they stop seeing each other, they will b reporting that she didn’t go 2 the game. They will soon part ways & there will b a song. #TheView.’

After Sunday’s win, Travis was pictured leaving the MetLife stadium without Taylor by his side, with the singer heading to Zero Bond in New York.

Taylor is currently re-recording her much-loved 1989 album and will embark on the next stint of her Eras tour in November.

Meanwhile Amazon Prime Video dropped a documentary about Travis and brother Jason entitled KELCE on September 12 – which was the same day that rumors of the romance began to emerge.

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