John Legend on Why He and Chrissy Teigen Shared Their Pregnancy Loss

John Legend is opening up about what he and Chrissy Teigen learned from candidly sharing their family’s pain.

The singer sat down on Wednesday’s CBS This Morning, and candidly reflected on how opening up about Teigen’s pregnancy loss allowed them to heal, find a community of support and help others.

“You know, Chrissy always is more sharing that I am. I’m a bit more private,” Legend shared, when asked why he’d initially been hesitant to talk openly about the loss of the baby they were expecting, Jack. “But what I’ve learned through that process is, first of all, how often this happens to so many other families around the world.”

“We felt a real sense of community by sharing it with other people,” Legend explained. “They felt seen by us, we felt seen by them, and I think it helps everyone deal with their grief when they know there are other people out there feeling it too.”

Teigen and Legend — who are parents to 5-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles — suffered the painful loss of their son Jack, who she lost at 20 weeks gestation, back in September. They had announced they were expecting baby No. 3 in August.

Teigen has subsequently been candid about the grief and pain she’s endured following the tragic loss. Through it all, she’s encouraged Legend to be open as well, and the singer credits her for the good it’s done for them and others.

“I am so glad Chrissy’s instinct was to share this, because it was really the right thing to do,” Legend explained. “I think it helps us get through it, and I think it helped other families going through the same thing get through it.”

Legend acknowledged that their struggle is a common one, but it’s also something that often leaves people hurt and uncomfortable about sharing their pain.

“People feel such shame and they feel lonely, and I think we helped people feel less lonely,” Legend said.

For more on how the family is moving forward after their loss, see the video below.

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