Tamzin Outhwaite reveals she's lost a stone since giving up alcohol

Tamzin Outhwaite, 52, reveals she’s lost a stone since ditching alcohol and embarking on a health overhaul after hitting menopause

Tamzin Outhwaite has lost a stone in weight since giving up alcohol. 

The 52-year-old actress revealed that she decided to embark on a health overhaul after taking part in Freeze The Fear with Wim Hoff last year.

After filming for the extreme BBC One show wrapped up, the former EastEnders star experienced perimenopause which ‘really changed’ something in her head.

Since then, Tamzin is now virtually alcohol free and says the change has given her a ‘new lease of life’.

Opening up about her decision to quit booze, she told Closer magazine: ‘Let’s just say I put on a lot of weight when I hit the menopause – over a stone.’

Now and then: Tamzin Outhwaite has lost a stone in weight since giving up alcohol last year after her appearance on Freeze The Fear (pictured left in 2022 and right in 2021) 

She continued: ‘I eat a lot of food and I’ve got very high metabolism, but I could definitely tell I was heavier. I’ve never been one to diet but, when I stopped drinking, I lost the stone I’d put on and instead craved goodness, like fresh salads and juices.

‘By not drinking I’m on the path of health and do the things my body craves. I get up early, practice yoga, breathwork and meditation, and I get addicted to the goodness.’

The actress gave up alcohol completely for six months after Feel the Fear, explaining that she’d become a ‘lightweight’ during menopause and couldn’t have two drinks without getting ‘hammered’.

She explained: ‘It hit me that I couldn’t drink like I used to and decided the best thing for me was to abstain. I took a break last year for six months…it felt amazing!’

Though Tamzin is not completely sober, she admitted that she will only have a drink on the rare occasion and is often immediately reminded of why she stopped.

She also praised her boyfriend of five years Tom Child, 32, who has also become very ‘mindful of alcohol’ alongside her.

Tamzin’s journey started after filming for the extreme BBC One show, where eight celebrities completed challenges in sub-zero conditions.

After revealing she had quite alcohol, she also said that she had been keeping up habits learned during her time on the intense show.

Brutal: Tamzin’s journey started after filming for the extreme BBC One show, where eight celebrities completed challenges in sub-zero conditions

She said in October last year: ‘It really changed something in my head. I’ve done a lot since the show, the breath work, cold showers every day. I love all of it, and I like myself at the moment, which can only be a good thing.’ 

In one of the episodes, audiences saw Tamzin require medical treatment after banging her head on the ice.

The actress was challenged to plunge into ice-cold waters while wearing a swimsuit and goggles and before taking the leap, she said: ‘Think about everything you’ve been through in your life, this is nothing compared to that.’ 

While submerged in the water, Tamzin had to pull herself along under the ice while holding onto a rope.

Staying calm, she bravely plunged herself under the water and successfully pulled herself to the other side, however when she went to come up for air, she hit her head against the ice.

A shocked Holly Willoughby exclaimed: ‘She hit her head, she hit her head!’

Gasping for breath, Tamzin said: ‘Banged my head, I’m getting out’, while her co-stars looked on in worry.

She was hurriedly helped out of the water and wrapped up in a warm coat, before embracing Holly for comfort.

Still in shock, a disorientated Tamzin declared: ‘I might need to sit down’.

Holly quickly added: ‘I know I feel like that too, we’re going to get you checked out, okay and just make sure everything is okay.’

She also admitted that despite being ‘terrified’ of the experience, it gave her a newfound confidence.

It comes after, earlier this year, Tamzin opened up about her ‘trauma healing’ journey and revealed that it had taken ‘many years’ to start loving herself.

Inspired: The actress gave up alcohol completely for six months after Feel the Fear, explaining that she’d become a ‘lightweight’ during menopause

In February, the actress underwent trauma healing while on a health retreat. 

Writing to her 325,000 followers on Instagram, Tamzin penned: ‘Today has been magical.

‘Trauma healing with a shaman (which I needed), I worked out, had 3 different types of sauna, naked salt water swim, meditation,steam, stretch, aroma balance therapy, wonderful face times with my kids, loving chats with my lover, a walk, delicious food, litres of mountain spring water and so much more.

‘It has taken me many years to start loving myself and giving myself the energy I deserve. But my path and my mind are clear.

‘I can’t wait to explain in more detail but for now, to my army of menopausal women and soul searching people, I encourage you to invest your time and energy on yourself. You will never regret it. @preidlhof @healingholidays #healing #trauma #selflove #solotravel.’

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