'To All the Boys I've Loved Before': What Is Noah Centineo's Height Compared to Lana Condor's?

Noah Centineo is perhaps the most famous star on Netflix right now. The actor has appeared in several Netflix originals, and his star seemingly continues to rise with each day. Centineo was recently cast alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for a significant role in the DCEU, a role that’s bound to shoot him to superstardom. Centineo has recently been on almost everyone’s radar, and his fan base has increased significantly over time. It, therefore, makes sense why his fans would want to know everything about this rising star, including his height.

Centineo is a child star

Before audiences knew him as Peter Kavinsky, Centineo had minor roles in Disney Channel shows such as Shake It Up and Austin & Ally. He also had a supporting role in the film How to Build a Better Boy playing Jaden Stark, a quarterback who’s conflicted about his feelings for a nerdy girl. In 2015, he took over the role of Jesus Foster on the Freeform show The Fosters from Jake T Austin. Centineo held on to the part until the show ended in 2018.

Centineo appeared in the romantic coming of age comedy called SPF-18 and later appeared in Camilla Cabello’s “Havana” music video. Netflix proved to be a lucrative place for Centineo to work in as more and more opportunities opened up for him after appearing in three originals. In 2018, Centineo became a star of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The movie became such a hit that it spawned a sequel in 2020 (To All the Boys: Ps I Still Love You). Another sequel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever, premiered in February 2021.

Success after ‘To All the Boys’

After appearing in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, he starred in yet another Netflix film, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. In 2019 he appeared in another rom-com, The Perfect Date, also on Netflix. Centineo’s theatrical involvement expanded when he starred in the new Charlie’s Angels film. Centineo was also part of the Jackie Chan-directed film The Diary. The movie follows a young man who leaves home in Shanghai to move to Europe for love. The Diary is set in the ’30s. Centineo is also set to star in an upcoming Masters of The Universe as He-Man.

Most recently, sources reported that Centineo would be joining the DCEU playing Adam Rothstein. If the reports hold any water, Centineo’s character will be playing the equivalent of Robin to Black Adam’s Batman. Rothstein’s original name when he first appeared in the comics back in the early 1980s was Nuklon. He later evolved to Atom Smasher and joined the Justice Society of America as a charter member. He was part of the Justice League before he joined the JSA. Rothstein also happens to be Cyclotron’s grandson, who DC Comics fans know as a villain in the DCEU universe.

Atom Smasher inherited his ability to control his body’s molecular structure. This means that he can grow to any size he wants to subdue his foes. Along the way, he meets Black Adam, and the two became close when Black Adam turned his back on being a villain. Both Black Adam and Atom Smasher have pretty good chemistry in the comics. It would therefore be interesting to see how Centineo and Johnson bring out this chemistry through their characters.

How tall is Noah Centineo?

Centineo himself has previously joked about not knowing his exact height. The actor once said that he spent all his life believing that he was 6’4″, only to find out that he was actually 6’1″. The 24-year-old actor called the new knowledge ‘a paradigm shift’. His co-star Lana Condor is 1.6m which makes Centineo slightly under 1 foot taller than Condor.

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