Twitter Introduces ‘Super Follow’ Feature – Find Out What It Means!

Twitter is unveiling a new feature.

The “Super Follow” option was revealed on Thursday (February 25) in a sneak peek from the company during its virtual analyst day presentation.

The new feature would allow users to charge followers a monthly price for extra content, including “community access” and “subscriber-only newsletters,” among other perks.

In one example presented by Twitter, a user charged $4.99 a month for added content. It will also allow creators to put certain tweets, fleets and audio chats behind a paywall.

No release date was set yet for the new advanced feature, but it was included in the “What’s Next” section of the presentation.

“The new feature comes as Twitter is looking to move beyond its dependence on ad sales to drive revenue — something Twitter recently said was a goal for the company moving forward — and puts it squarely in competition with companies like OnlyFans and Patreon, which also help creators make money off their followers,” The Wrap reported.

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