I dressed my mom like me — there was an accident and people say she’s a ‘great sport’ | The Sun

A POLE dancer dressed her mom up like her but Mom fell a bit short — literally.

Embla, a pole and aerial dancer, shared her mom's transformation in a video with over 200,000 TikTok followers.

"Turning my mom into me," she said, participating in a viral challenge on the platform.

Mom showed off a usual outfit —a green sweater, black slacks, and glasses.

On her return, she attempted to strut her stuff in one of her daughter's pole-dancing fits, but her high heels caused an accident.

Mom yelped as she hit the floor, and after checking to make sure she was okay, Embla restarted the clock to give Mom a second chance.

In a neon yellow bra top, black shorts, and what seems like ten-inch heels, Mom wrapped herself around the pole and gives a little spin.

"This trend isn't safe," joked Embla.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"Your mom is bad*ss and a great sport," laughed one commenter.

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"She's so cute I love her," agreed another.

"She still got it," complimented a third.

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