I’m a tennis girl – my friend and I showed what we wear to play in the heat, people suddenly want to take up the sport | The Sun

TWO tennis players have shared their sexy looks, catching the attention of their social media followers.

The two TikTok users looked stunning in their tennis attire, and people were inspired.

Brooke Donovan (@brookedony) posted a video of her and Makayla Moss (@makaylaamosss) showing off their outfits suitable to play in the heat.

The tan women went with as little clothing as possible.

Both tennis players wore a flowy white mini skort.

On top, Brooke had on an orange halter neck bra top.

Makayla was wearing a black cutout crop top that only covered her chest.

Since both girls wore cropped shirts, their tanned stomachs were fully revealed.

Each had on shining white sneakers.

"Tennis partner," Brooke declared.

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While some viewers were impressed by their looks, others were critical.

One skeptical individual commented: "Yeah, nobody plays tennis like this."

Another harsh person agreed: "I'm a tennis player, and this is just not tennis…"

"Y’all acting like they can’t play tennis for fun," one supporter said.

Brooke responded: "For real."

"Tennis girls is my weakness," an interested man admitted.

A fan remarked: "I'm starting to love tennis."

"All the sudden, I like tennis," another persuaded follower wrote.

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