I get changed nude in front of my window & construction workers see me – I don’t care, I love being a naked neighbour | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she is unashamedly the ‘naked neighbour’ and doesn’t care that people have seen her nude. 

Katie Sullivan took to her social media to make the confession, explaining that she’s often called an “angel” by the workers outside. 

Posing in front of her window, the blonde beauty pulled a cheeky face expression before showing the construction work taking place outside. 

“I saw a tiktok where a girl said she is the “naked neighbor” and I really resonate with that,” she wrote. 

“I change in front of this window every day. I have 15 plants in my room.

"I do not shut the curtains ever for that reason.” 

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TikTok user @katiesullllivan went on: “I am the naked neighbor.

“The men doing construction call me an angel to the rest of my family. They 100% see me naked.

"I do not care.” 

People were quick to comment on her clip as many people could relate to her.

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“Same,” one person wrote with a crying with laughter emoji. “I’m in an apartment complex where 9 people can see into my room just from their place not to mention the people walking around all the time”. 

Another person shared: “This is me through and through”. 

A third joked: “That’s why they are taking so long to finish their project”. 

“I feel I may be this neighbor, but I never see my neighbors so how would they see me,” another wrote. 

Another posted: “Me too because I have huge windows in front of my backyard and it neighbors someone else’s … I need to get it together!” 

And another shared: “I just be too lazy to close the curtain. 

“There’s no need to walk all the way across the room.” 

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